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Our People’s Covid Inquiry is being held to learn lessons, save lives and help build the NHS we need in times of crisis and beyond.

by Keep Our NHS Public in United Kingdom

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Nicole Dang 16th June 2021

Lessons must be learnt NOW. The UK government cannot be allowed to continue their self serving, high risk strategy that puts thousands of innocent lives at risk of avoidable harm.

margaret o'connor 16th June 2021

Thank you you to KONP for all your hard work in organising this Peoples Enquiry. Thank you to Michael Mansfield and Lorna Hackett for the smooth running of sessions. Thank you to the panel and lastly thank you to the fabulous witnesses in bringing truth to power. We have to hold this government to account

Margaret L Berer 16th June 2021

An outstanding inquiry. A cross-section of witnesses with highly relevant, wide-ranging experience and expertise, with an in-depth understanding of what has gone wrong and how it must be put right, including publicly holding to account those who have had the responsibility to do no harm and have not fulfilled it.

Kate Thompson 29th May 2021

I have learnt so much from watching the panel sessions so far. Thank you so much for doing this and for making sure that we are not deceived and that some justice for victims of Covid-19 (which is all of us) is taken forward.

Anne Strachan 20th May 2021

I fully support your valuable work. Scrutiny and understanding are desperately needed about so many aspects of the pandemic as well privatisation of the NHS by stealth; government procurement policies and the management and funding of the NHS. These are just some of the many issues that need to be urgently examined. Thank you for the real scrutiny and transparency people deserve as opposed to the government’s continuous opaque responses and messaging about so many of the above issues.

Emma Randle-Caprez 20th May 2021

What you're doing is incredible and we owe a massive debt of gratitude to all involved. I hope the People's Covid Inquiry gets the media recognition it truly deserves. Thank you.

Roger Gartland 19th May 2021

"Pofiteering from the People's Health". Tonight the KONP investigation, chaired by Michael Mansfield, heard evidence about the Government's policies and contracts in the face of the pandemic. Witnesses speaking first hand gave evidence. It was sickening to hear.

david mcdade 19th May 2021

I hope that this enquiry will generate enough publicity and public concern to address recent government policies, actions, and omissions and the issues at the core of our democracy that they will highlight. The appalling misuse of majority government power and cabinet secrecy to ride roughshod over transparency, public trust, and even the law itself, has been a disgrace in camera, amounting to criminal negligence of the needs and lives of the population. The wilful erosion of public healthcare, and strategic decisions thereto, using a pandemic as a shield to cover nefarious actions, should be brought to light, and those responsible held to account in any and all possible courts.

colin stiff 19th May 2021

Your work for this inquiry is inspirational. Let us hope the Government is listening and that the news of your work gets out to the general public

Ian Stride 19th May 2021

Just attended this evening's session on profiteering and was very impressed. It's clear to me that this endeavour is in the best interest of the UK public, and must be supported.

JANE FREELAND 19th May 2021

Thank you for another astonishing session - No 7. The more I hear of your witness, the more certain I am of why the government is shying away from a judicial inquriy, and the stronger grows the pressure for one to happen, and soon

Judith Lucas 19th May 2021

This IS the Covid Inquiry - We don't need yet more money wasted by government in preparing another one that won't give us the answers anyway. What we do need is our public money used for our benefit.

cris01 19th May 2021

Keep up the good work, amazing information, especially tonight (18/5) thank you for all your hard work

Sue Matthews 19th May 2021

As a registered nurse for 44 years, I know how crucial nurses are in the healthcare team. KONP understands the importance of all NHS staff - we must all support the cause and the workforce. Keep up the good work - expose the charlatans who are responsible for the tragedy of Covid in the UK.

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