People & Style

People & Style

Exploring what people wear and why. Finding out why style has such an impact on our lives.

We did it!

On 17th May 2017 we successfully raised £26 with 3 supporters in 49 days

The People & Style Project explores what people wear, what they want to wear and why. We want to find out whether people physically suit their clothes or if it more linked to personality traits. The aim of the project is to understand why it is that some people feel that they can’t ‘pull off’ certain clothes.
In order to investigate this, we will be getting a group of participants together to swap their styles. We will take photos of the participants in both their own outfits and the one's that we provide them with. These photographs will then be displayed in an exhibition, in which the audience will vote on which style they believe is each participant’s original style.  The participants will reveal themselves in their personal outfits at the end, opening up the conversation of what it means to ‘suit’ a style.

The whole process will be filmed as a documentary short film and will be published on our website. 

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