Restoration: Resilience Healing 4 Black Folks/PoC

Restoration: Resilience Healing 4 Black Folks/PoC

Restoration: A Sustainability and Resilience Retreat for Black Folks/People of Colour/ Global Majority Heritage

We did it!

On 8th May 2017 we successfully raised £840 with 47 supporters in 14 days

What is it about?

Restoration: A Sustainability and Resilience Retreat for *People whose heritage is African, Arabic, Asian, Australasian, Caribbean, Central and South American.

It aims to create a safer space to explore shared experiences of trauma, burn out, the impacts of micro-aggressions and erasure that is specific to our communities in our daily lives, in our activism, organising and work.

We hope this retreat will be a place of solace and sharing, a place of beauty to begin a process of recovery through therapy and learning.

This weekend retreat will include workshop sessions that will allow us to share our experiences with full confidentiality and supportive listening. They will be participatory, creative, interactive and include movement and nature based work with active listening and reflection.

Find detailed aims & background here

Who is it for?

The retreat is for a maximum of 25 participants and anyone of any age (over 18) and includes all genders, class and creeds who identify as a person whose ethnic and cultural roots are of Global South heritage.

Our focus is on those who are working within sectors to create social change and address social injustice whether paid or unpaid. This seeks to be a space where mutual support and understanding can be shared and gained.

Why is this project unique?

In the last few years there has been a growing culture around self care, community care and sustainable activism within the UK Activism community led by groups such as Navigate/Seeds for Change. However whilst this work is valuable in cultivating sustainable activism practices it fails to address the specific challenges, traumas and oppressions that activists/organisers and communities of colour face.

In order for trauma, burn out and restorative healing to take place within communities of colour ( specifically those involved in activism & community work) we must create safe spaces to understand how different forms of racism, patriarchy and colonialism intersect and impact upon our lives, how we react to these impacts, affecting our social, personal and emotional lives.

This is where we see the work we are doing & the space we are creating as addressing a specific need that is currently not being addressed in the UK.

Why we need your support?

We are an organising team of 3 individuals who have come together across mutual spheres to create this project with no funding. Accessibility is key to this event so we want participants to be able to attend for free or a nominal fee of £25 (but we recognise that for many grass roots activists that even this nominal fee might exclude them).

We have successfully secured funding of £1500 to hire the venue for 2 nights in Kent, May 12- 14th.

We urgently need to raise a further £2,400 pounds to cover food, transport, materials & facilitation fees. 

We appreciate your support in helping us create the space for this work. We feel our community needs this now more than ever and we hope you feel our heart in this as much as we do.

Future Work

We intend Restoration to be a series of ongoing restoration, resilience & sustainability retreats for people of colour in the UK. So if we raise any funds above 2400, we wil use the remainder to organise subsequent events of the same nature, so more people can attend and undertake a healing journey.

We hope participants will leave feeling empowered & equipped with tools they can take back to share with their communities thus strengthening the resilience of people of colour across the UK into the longterm future.

About Us & Our Experience

Mama D is a community centred researcher and social facilitator around land, food and environmental justice. Working at the grassroots for genuine community empowerment and socio-economic awareness, Mama D brings together intersectional studies with global justice awareness using creativity and psycho-emotional awareness to initiate transformation using the principles of Ubuntu, as an indigenous paradigm for lifetime livity.  She is also a facilitator with the London Roots collective and a Mtani of The Ubele Initiative and a member of the Community Food Growers Network and an independent researcher facilitator within the Just Space system around community assets. She curates the Food Journey, an experiential voyage of discovery around food justice and is in the process of raising Community Centred Knowledge as a people centred agency for connected social transformation.

Marianna is a holistic massage therapist whose practice is deeply embedded in her environmental and social justice activism with both informing and reinforcing each other. She is currently exploring how the body holds personal and  collective traumas due to systemic oppression. Marianna has been the Wellbeing and Inclusion Coordinator for the UK Youth Climate Coalition where she has integrated sustainable activism and anti oppression practices into the group’s organising culture through training workshops. She also facilitates workshops for the Collective Liberation Project on white supremacy and climate change, white privilege and white allyship and trauma in activism.

Andrea is a qualified Asthanga Vinyasa Flow yoga and Yoga 12 Step Recovery teacher. Her practice uses yoga as a therapy for societal pressures and oppressions. Her nurturing, fun classes encourage students to appreciate their strengths on their journey to irie: a journey of being at peace with your current, yet evolving state of being. Andrea is part of the OYA Retreats Collective who deliver holistic movement & mindfulness retreats specifically for women of colour.

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