People for Animal Welfare (P-A-W)

People for Animal Welfare (P-A-W)

To purchase additional animal rescue facilities for use in my rescue van - hopefully 2 heavy duty transport crates and an animal stretcher.

We did it!

On 20th Jan 2017 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 56 days

I am recently retired, and now devote most of my time to animal welfare.  I have many years experience with helping animals and now run, solely, a volunteer animal rescue service,  Slowly I am building up facilities for use in my rescue van. To help animals with severe injuries, eg. after being run over, I would ideally like to have a purpose built animal stretcher available. This is to ensure that the animal is kept secure and restrained, and without the risk of worsening the injuries. Once stretchered, the animal can be safely transported and transferred to a vet or animal hospital for treatment. Part of my animal work also involves collecting stray or abandoned dogs, and also transporting rescue dogs to foster homes. Also, rescuing and transporting wildlife, including foxes and badgers. For this I currently use the wire-type transport cages, but found these are not really suitable or robust enough for rescue work and transporting of wild animals. As such, I am also looking to purchase two heavy duty aluminium framed crates, with larger and wider-opening doors. Any donations that can be given will help greatly to obtain these facilities. Thank you.

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