Celebrate our Century

Celebrate our Century

We're raising funds to purchase and install a new electronic scoreboard at Penzance Cricket Club.

We did it!

On 16th Jul 2015 we successfully raised £3,040 of £3,000 target with 13 supporters in 56 days

New stretch target

Thank you to everyone who has supported this project and helped to get us to our first target!

Penzance Cricket Club would like to thank everyone who made pledges toward our project target of £3000.  We have now reached this target, with a final total of £3040 having been pledged.  The club would also like to thank Crowdfunder for their help in promoting our project through social and other media.  

With the Crowdfunder deadline date now passed, we still have a little way to go to fully fund the new electronic scoreboard.  The club is looking at potential match funding to get to the final purchase and installation cost, but payments direct to the cricket club are still being received to help make up this shortfall.  

Anyone wishing to make a donation may still do so by contacting any of the club officials or by contacting Club Secretary Brian Richards MBE by email at bg.richards@btinterent.comOnce the final funding is secured, which we hope will be before the end of the 2015 season, a formal opening ceremony will be organised. Penzance Cricket Club and Crowdfunder - helping to bring the cricket club into the 21st Century


Penzance Cricket Club scorebox was officially opened on the 30th April 1977. It cost £1,888 in total and was built by volunteer labour from within the club.  It has the traditional scoreboard front which has served the club well since it was first used.

Despite being 38 years old, the scorebox itself is in a relatively good state of repair, but the actual scoreboard frontage, being made of plywood, is splitting and rotting in places.  In addition, the number plates have become brittle and are breaking, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain replacements. Also, the metal housings for the numbers have become very rusty, and are falling apart. The links in the mechanical chain system used to rotate each individual number are becoming worn, and are generally in a bad state of repair.

Given virtually all the numbers and casings are now in need of replacement, assuming they could still be found and purchased, the cost would be prohibitive.  In the event of the £3000 sum being oversubscribed, any additional monies pledged, will be allocated to a new sighstcreen at the college end.


Penzance Cricket Club Scorebox - Opened on 30th April 1977  

The building itself is in good order, but many of the scoreboard numbers are broken,

and casings are worn out and need replacing.  



Our Vision - Penzance Cricket Club To Go Digital?




When the funding for our project has been secured, Penzance Cricket Club will install a 'state-of-the-art' electronic digital scoreboard, such as the one in use at Potters Bar Cricket club. This electronic scoreboard system will help bring the club's facilities right into the 21st century.

Being electronic, there would be little or no ongoing maintenance work required when installed.

This project, together with other major improvements and planned improvements to the clubs facilities,  puts the club in a much stronger position to once again bid for Cornwall County cricket matches to be played at St Clare.




 Penzance Cricket Team and Officials in 1922                         Penzance 1st XI squad and Officials in 2014

                                                                                                                            (Div 1 Champions)


Penzance: 100 Years of Great Cornish Cricket

Penzance Cricket Club was formed in 1829, the year in which the first Varsity Boat Race was rowed, and the year in which Penzance's most famous son, Sir Humphry Davy died.  As the second oldest and historically the most successful cricket club in Cornwall, a new electronic scoreboard would be a worthy, and necessary new addition to our facilities in 2015.  

This project, when completed, will also contribute further to the club's celebrations this year.  In this the 2015 season, Penzance Cricket Club, together with Camborne CC, celebrate 100 years of playing in the Cornwall Cricket League since the league was formed in 1905. The discrepancy in years being the suspension of league cricket during the War years. These are the first two clubs to have achieved this milestone.

If you are interested in playing for Penzance Cricket Club, or would just like to become a volunteer helper, please contact Club Secretary Brian Richards MBE at bg.richards@btinternet.com   

Penzance Cricketers - Match in Progress                             Scorers View of the Cricket from the Scorebox


Our Community

"I am delighted that we might finally be getting a new scoreboard.  I find it really frustrating trying to change the numbers on the scoreboard at the moment - the numbers often get jammed in the mechanism and break.  We are now a Premier League Club, and should have premier league standard equipment.  By supporting this project, you will be making my job much easier."  Mike Nicholas - Penzance 1st XI Scorer.

"I am really pleased the Club is finally trying to replace the scoreboard for a new 'state of the art' electronic board.  Often I am trying to work the numbers on my own, as not all teams bring a scorer with them.  This can be very difficult to do by myself in the scorebox, especially as I also have to complete the scorebook at the same time.  The sooner we get a new one the better, as far as I am concerned. Please support this project."  Neil Trudgeon - Penzance 2nd XI Scorer.  


The New State of the Art Pavilion is formally opened

The photograph below on the left shows England Women's Cricket Captain, Charlotte Edwards MBE and England Women's Cricket Team Manager, Clare Connor OBE, formally opening the new Pavilion in January 2012.  Young cricketers from the Penzance area, celebrate the event by playing in an indoor inter school cricket tournament. The photograph below to the right, shows Charlotte and Clare reading 'The History of Penzance Cricket Club 1829 - 2004, The First 175 Years'.



Tell your family, friends, colleagues and business contacts about our crowdfunding project. We need everyone to pitch in. Please support this project to help restore some pride and positivity to the town of Penzance, and in turn help revitalise a club that now plays in the Cornwall Premier League of cricket.

Help Penzance Cricket Club to once again become the 'PREMIER' cricket club in Cornwall.

Thank you from everyone at Penzance Cricket Club!


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