Pensby Christmas Lights 2020

by Pensby Community Association in Wirral, England, United Kingdom

Pensby Christmas Lights 2020


raised in 60 days



To light up Pensby for Christmas 2020 we need to raise funds to put up the existing lights, and hopefully extend the lights further

by Pensby Community Association in Wirral, England, United Kingdom

The Pensby Community Association has raised money in the past few years to try and improve the area of Pensby with planters and the purchasing and putting up of Christmas lights.   This money has been raised through events organised by the association and some grants that were made available through the local Council and Tesco's.  

Due to the current restrictions we are unable to raise money through organised events but we still need to pay for the installation of the Christmas lights and the purchase of the Christmas tree for St Michael's church grounds (the tree alone cost £600 last year).    The costs for putting up, taking down and storing the lights for just one tree, will cost approximately £900. Therefore the total cost will come to around £3000.

We are planning to increase the number of Christmas lights in 2020, and therefore any money raised over the target will go towards extra lights.  

Please support us in getting Pensby lit up again in 2020.

Let's make 'Pensby Christmas Lights 2020' happen

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