Stuck between I need to pay bills and you only live once

It's a fine line... ????????

Posted by VT on Friday, 24 November 2017

I am raising funds to cover costs of two trips to Nashville. (Flights, accommodation, daily expenses & unpaid time off work.)

We did it!

On 23rd Dec 2017 we successfully raised £290 with 5 supporters in 28 days

Hi there ! 

Actually I'm stuck between paying bills and needing to get to Nashville lol !

I've signed a Production deal with a Nashville based Record Label.   

I have already made my first trip to Nashville this month & co-written some new tracks which I'm really excited about!

I am now raising funds to cover costs of my next two trips. 

The first trip will be to record the new tracks in the studio in December. 

The second trip will be to rehearse with musicians and launch my New Single at the annual Nashville CRS seminar/ showcase event at the end of January/beginning of February. 

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