penny floor

penny floor

We intend to make a penny floor in the UK and create a manual of how we did it and where to get the CORRECT UK chemicals to help others..

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello everyone,

We are Benjamin and Stacy and we have purchased our first home, and we can safely say we literally not have a penny to our name sine the move! However we have some great ideas and we would like to share them with you in case your find yourself in a similar situation.

I'm a product designer and Stacy is a fun loving nut case who loves a creative challenge like I do.

We have decided to take inspiration from our American cousins across the pond in the USA and create a copper penny floor in our kitchen. The kitchen is about 9m2 and we are going to lay 25k one pence coins on the floor to create our penny floor (about £250 worth of pennies).

There is some great advice from the USA online how to do this, however its very American and the products to seal and finish the surface are products not found in the UK.

So we had a thought, let us be the pioneers and trial and error the perfect way to do a copper penny floor, source the right chemicals for the UK market then produce a manual of how to do right, cost effectively then give that manual to the people that back us.

We have done the mathematics with the correct design to tessellate and are now ready to start acquiring pennies and chemical sealants.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to spending a penny! And sharing the RIGHT way to do this so it’s simple for the next person.