Training to teach Yoga. Because of yoga I became an artist. With the help of Penguins, hopefully I can teach yoga and continue the cycle.

We did it!

On 5th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £80 with 3 supporters in 21 days

Here is a little bit about something I would like to accomplish. I appreciate your time in reading it. If you like yoga maybe there is something in it for you.


1. PENGUINS are generous animals. Presents of pebbles are given between Penguins to show their love. (Dolphins in the wild have been known to bring presents of fish and octopuses, food they value very highly, to humans.)

2. YOGA Medicine is a Teacher Training that fuses East and West that blends the best of anatomy and physiology with the traditional practice of Yoga. I’d like to train with them this July to be a Yoga Teacher. They have a serious  application process and mine has been accepted. Before I go any further with this, it's important that I inform you that my intention is to pay for the best part of this myself. I have already saved 1 quarter of what I need and the purpose of this email is to raise another quarter towards it for anyone who is interested in investing in some personalised yoga lessons. 

3. I don't expect something for nothing. Bonobo monkeys are amongst the most generous animals in the world and go to lengths to find treats like bananas and apples for other types of monkeys. They do this, science has shown, in order to expand their social network; they get something in return for their generosity. 

In return for any donations you make I'd also to give 10 percent of each £100 to a The Rainforest Foundation UK. Any help from generous dolphins out there would be much appreciated.

I'd also like to offer the following to you:

£10 and above - Illustrated (by me) yoga poster. Half an hour Kickstart Your Day to do at home.

£50 and above - A private yoga lesson nr. Ladbroke Grove. 1 hour (With Bonobo soundtrack). Email consultation prior to class.

£100 and above - A private yoga lesson with 2 friends nr. Ladbroke Grove (1 hour) with en email consolation prior to class.

£200 and Above - 2 x 1 hour yoga private yoga lesson at your house with 3 friends at your house (in London). Email and or phone consultation before class.

£300 - Course of 5 private yoga lessons at your house. Free half hour consultation in person before first class.

Please note: I'm offering these classes in January next year for a good start and a good long post Christmas stretch.

More about why I want to teach: 

I have wanted to teach yoga since I was 15. I was taught by the most wonderful teacher, an ex ballet dancer who had such a magnificent way of working. She isn't with us any more but lives on in many people's practice. She had a marvellous way of explaining both the practicalities and the benefit. I’d like to carry on her legacy. 

This teaching is over 5 months (course work and 2 weeks residential) which I would fit in with my work as an illustrator. Ultimately I will be maintaining the two complimentary carriers. 

I dont think I would have become an illustrator without Yoga. I used to be convinced I couldn't be an artist as I hadn’t been to art school. When you open up your body you open up your mind. 

SO I would be eternally grateful if you feel you are a bit like a penguin and want to give me a pebble or two towards my goal, and invest in some yoga lessons for yourself. Be like a Bonobo.

Love Meliss x

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