Pedal on Parliament

Pedal on Parliament are holding family-friendly protests in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Inverness and Glasgow, for a cycle-friendly Scotland.

We did it!

On 9th Apr 2017 we successfully raised £5,000 of £3,000 target with 170 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Now that Pedal on Parliament Inverness is definitely happening (see this story in the Scotsman), we've looked at what we'd like to spend in all four cities to make PoP as successful as possible. As well as multiplying the numbers of our flyers and wee hand flags by a third, we've discovered that hiring sound systems for our rallies outside Holyrood in Edinburgh and City Chambers in Glasgow - and getting even a wee stage up in Glasgow's George Square - is going to be dearer than we'd hoped. We'd also like to get many more posters up in all four of our cities to let as many people as possible know about what we're doing. With all this in mind, we'd like to raise another £2000 giving us a stretch target of £5000.

Thanks to all who have pledged so far, we've already started on the way to meeting that new target.  If everyone who's already given persuaded just two friends each to put in a tenner, we'd be there! To help entice you into giving us your money, here's what the hoodies will have on their front:

We're also going to offer a new reward - since we unveiled our poster design yesterday, lots of people have asked about getting one to hang on their wall (Andy and Derek's hard work creating the images has clearly been successful!) We aim to please, so you can now choose to have an A2 giclée print on 215g acid free paper of this wonderful poster, when you pledge just £25.

And that's not all - Bike Gob was feeling slightly unloved, so you can now feature in the Bike Gob PoP extravanganza infomercial video for just £20, reduced from the previous level of £75! Thank you Bike Gob!

 We know that what we are doing is effective - our campaigners Dave, David and Sally met the Transport Minister, Humza Yousaf, last week and now he's planning to be at #POP2017! We've seen local parties in Edinburgh and Glasgow pledge to spend 10% of their cities' transport budgets on cycling and walking - that's one of our PoP manifesto asks - and the pressure is on other parties to match or better that. The thousands of us that will be turning out to ride in Inverness, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh will be reminding our politicians that we walk, we cycle and we vote, and that we want the streets where we live, work, shop and play to be safe, clean, accessible and friendly.

So please, do what you can, by pledging, sharing and persuading, to help us get to our new target and make all four Pedal on Parliament protests this year the biggest and most effective that they can be. Let's make Scotland a cycle-friendly country!

#POP2017 T-shirt front print

The great city is not the one that has highways, but one where a child on a tricycle or bicycle can go safely everywhere.

Enrique Peñalosa


Who are we?

Pedal on Parliament is a grassroots organisation, made up of ordinary people just like you. We are united by our desire to make it safer and easier for everyone to ride a bike – whatever bike they ride (and especially if they don't ride a bike yet).

We've held five successful protests in Edinburgh- with simultaneous events in Aberdeen in the last two years - where thousands of us have cycled and walked from the Meadows to the Scottish Parliament. Party leaders have ridden with us. We've made the news. We've had a joyous cavalcade of children, parents, polis, grannies and dogs on one, two, three or four human-powered wheels.

This year, we are making Pedal on Parliament bigger than ever ahead of the local elections in May. We are planning protests in Aberdeen, Inverness, and Edinburgh (April 22nd) and Glasgow (April 23rd). It turns out that this is quite a lot more expensive than you'd think, so we need to raise some money.  And that's where you can help! Please support our Crowdfunder.

What do we want?

Cycling should be the obvious solution to many of Scotland’s ills. It is cheap, healthy, democratic and convivial, benefits local economies and makes the streets a safer place for all.

We want our local politicians to support active travel in our communities, so that we can live in a healther and happier Scotland. We want our children to be able to cycle to school in safety. We want to get to the shops by bike without choking on fumes or having to go round the houses. We want to get to work and back in one piece. We'd like our roads and streets to work for everybody, instead of only occasionally just about working for those who are driving a car.

We are calling on all Scotland’s politicians, of all parties, to sign up to the following eight point manifesto in order to make cycling a realistic choice for everyone, from eight to eighty – and show the rest of the UK that cycling doesn’t just belong on continental Europe, but in the country where it all began:

1)    Proper funding for cycling (5% of transport budgets within 10% overall for active travel)
2)    Design cycling into Scotland’s roads.
3)    Safer speeds where people live, work and play
4)    Integrate cycling into local transport strategies
5)    Sensible road traffic law and enforcement
6)    Reduce the risk of HGVs to cyclists and pedestrians
7)    A strategic and joined-up programme of road user training
8)    Solid research on cycling to support policy-making

From Kirkpatrick MacMillan onwards, Scotland has a long history of popular cycling which has been all but forgotten. We believe these times can come again and Scotland can once more be a beacon for the world.

You can find out more about our manifesto - and all about this year's protests - at our website:

What do we need the money for?

The money raised will help to fund the core activities of Pedal on Parliament: organising family-friendly cycling protests where we take our message to politicians, and keeping the pressure on those politicians to keep their promises when it's not election time.

We have banners to make, permits to pay for, posters to print, stages and PA systems to hire and marshall's vests to procure, as well as all the other sundry costs of organising protests in four of Scotland's cities. Any money left over after this year's protests will go to PoP's reserves, where it will be used to keep PoP an ongoing concern and to pay our volunteers' travel expenses when they go to meet with officials and politicians.

What rewards can we offer?

We're very humbled to have some wonderfully generous and talented people and organisations supporting us, and so we have a long list of rewards for you to choose from, including:

With every reward we will list your name on our website as a supporter (unless you wish to stay anonymous). You can pledge more than once if you'd like different rewards, and look for our bundles for better value!

With every amount pledged - even if you don't choose a reward - you will have the knowledge that you have paved another section of the metaphorical cyclepath to Scotland becoming a truly cycle-friendly country.


Photography (c) Chris Hill 2016

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