Pedal it Community Bicycle Shop & Cafe

We're raising funds to expand the Pedal it shop into a community bicycle workshop & cafe; to offer a place the community can be proud of.

We did it!

On 10th Dec 2015 we successfully raised £780 with 12 supporters in 56 days

We are raising funds to expand and improve the Pedal it shop into a community bicycle workshop & cafe; to improve not only the products and premises, but also to offer South East London a bike shop to be proud of.

A little history about the shop and Pedal It

The business has been in the areas since the 1940's, previously known as Youngs Cycles, who had been a major and prestigious cycle retailer, who brought their passion, professionalism and fodn memories to the residents in and SE London.

In the 1990's the business was then sold and became The Bike Shop Lewisham, who brought their own influence although due to changes in trends and other major cycle retailers expanding never managed to re-capture the original and fundamental ideals of the Young Cycles days.

In early 2014 the shop was then purchased by Jay and Markus we then named it Pedal It, with a limited start-up capital have embarked on trying to bring back what we believe is a sustainable, friendly and vibrant shop. Both of us have had their love for all things cycling from a very young age and whilst at school gaining valuable work experience and the opportunity to work in the industry, leading onto working for some of the major cycle retailers and now brining their passion into SE London.

Since taking over the shop in 2014, we have always worked towards building a loyal and passionate environment for all things cycling. We are not just a business, but strive to become a place for the community, in helping schools, the unemployed and those new to cycling, along with those who are already cycling, no matter what their ability and keen to continue where we started and offer valuable work-experience and other training.

Now and the Future

Our main aim is to introduce a workshop built to help the younger generation (particularly those who are disadvantaged, unemployed etc), to learn a profession within the cycle industry, transforming us into a working community bicycle shop. We want this training to be available for young people of all abilities and are also keen to run training through local schools for those who have fallen out of mainstream school and young adults with autism.

We already run a successful work experience program with local schools bringing in the next generation of keen cyclists like Harvey Topsom, Liam Arnold amongst others and from what we are told, we are the only cycle retailer in South/South-East London to offer such an opportunity and actual work-experience within the cycle industry, so this would be an expansion of this idea, turning the training into a solid qualification giving those who are not necessarily academic but are more than capable to show their skill with actual hands-on real work.

We also have plans to expand the business into a bike cafe, which would also enable us to offer training in this industry, again with an emphasis on helping young people in the community. The idea is for one half of the shop to be transformed into an integrated bicycle cafe, serving hot drinks and cakes, as a place to sit and soak up the friendly, family environment that encompasses Pedal It.

We are keen to help grass-roots cycling, from local clubs, schools and the local community and always willing to help, our work experience and training options will hopefully cover mechanics, catering and retail giving a good in-sight into each area and great stepping stone into a choosen career.

Not only do we support grass-roots, but we help to encourage and support other local cycle related business, such as Brake Bikes, Toby Williams with his Paramount BMX clothing and sticker range, Ride Right Clothing and something that will also help Jamie Mckechnie with Ghetto BMX please follow this link for more details and his story!about/cdk6 This showing there are real opportunities for others in a similar situation and with your help we can continue to grow and develop other such talent.

Yes we are mainly bicycle focused yet we also do basic repairs to prams and stollers, mainly the tyres and tubes but have been helpful enough to do other basic repairs when parts and tools have been available, this giving the opportunity to introduce the concept of a balance bike and who knows the next future cylce star like Chris Froome or Bradley Wiggins well that's the hope.

What is Next

It makes us proud knowing this shop has been in the area for such a long time and we still have people walking in telling us of their first bicycle from the early 50's, 60's and beyond and now we can be part of that heritage.

With your help we can achieve our goals, provding a business that offers real opportunites, support and will continue to be a major part of the local community, more importatnly we can continue to create fond cycling memories for generations to come.

This Crowdfunder campaign will help us to raise the vital funds we need to realise these ambitions for the business and remain an independent, community driven bicycle shop.

Thank you.

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