Pearl's help mission to Calais

Pearl's help mission to Calais

Pearl is 15 years old and needs help to raise the remaining money in order for her to take much needed supplies to Calais.

We did it!

On 24th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £710 of £350 target with 23 supporters in 14 days


We are completely in awe of the support that has been given....

We have far exceded what we needed and are now raising extra funds for the much needed new site for Dunkirk ... thanks and so much love 

 The Story so far...

Pearl is 15 years old and has raised over £400 to take to Calais and Dunkirk to give to AID BOX CONVOY who are doing brilliant work with the refugees.  She has spoken in fronto of over 400 people to try and raise awareness of what is happening in the camps in Calais.  Through this project I hope that other children will be inspired to find a cause they believe in and make change. She has contributed her birthday and christmas gift money. 

Please take a moment to look at this amazing charity and the brilliant work they are doing



Pearl has collected a huge number of donations in the form of clothes / shoes / bedding / blankets etc


Next week Pearl and myself (her mother) will go to Calais to work there and at Dunkirk, focusing on work with children and the much needed building of the new Dunkirk camp kitchen.  We will be taking a large van load of much needed tools to help with this work.

She is now £350 short of her goal which will help with transport costs and the remaining items she wants to take ... 

She is particularly interested in working with the children at the camp and wants to bring art equipment and face paint for the childrens centre... as well as some completed AID BOX's.  She will return to her school and tell her story which will spead awareness of the dire situation, then continue her work at the childrens refugee centre in Bristol.

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