Pearl House Shropshire New Premises Funding

Pearl House Shropshire New Premises Funding

To setup new premises within Shrewsbury, Shropshire offering support to those effected by cancer.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

A brand new venture taking on premises to convert into a non clinical cancer support drop in centre within Shrewsbury, Shropshire. 


An information hub of all services available within Shropshire;                                                                                                          

Therapies, workshops, activities, exercise, yoga, talks, craft sessions etc for those effected by cancer;                          

Facilities to be available to various support groups for centralized meetings such as the Harry Johnson Trust, Macmillan, Bosom Buddies  to name a few.

It is planned to be self funding within the first three years from the exhibits, retail on offer by sale or return of local crafts, jewellery and artwork.  It will have a permanent post op lingerie area where the profits will be put back into more post op stock to choose from and the non wired other ranges profits will help to provide the services on offer within the facility and training.

The 1259 sq ft (117 sqm) can also double up as a fundraising area for events such as cheese & wine evenings, talks etc to promote the venue and the services provided within.

If someone effected by cancer chooses to visit Shrewsbury, then why not have somewhere they can call into, have a cuppa, relax, do an activity if they wish or carry on to see what Shrewsbury has to offer.

"Like a dandelion, Pearl House Shropshire intends to help those effected by cancer to disperse back into their local communities at a pace to suit them."