No more non-disposable wipes.Peachy Bum Spray.

by Steve Lawrence in Selsey, England, United Kingdom

No more non-disposable wipes.Peachy Bum Spray.
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

No more non-disposable wipes! Replaced by my natural Peachy Bum Spray - non toxic and kind to the skin.Spray on tissue & voila!

by Steve Lawrence in Selsey, England, United Kingdom

I have for many years been actively interested in health and nature. I produced herbal remedies, I published a magazine on self sufficiency for those who produce from home. I create herbal teas for health, well being & taste.

I deplore the damage that we do to our environment and in some small way want to help further. We all know the damage done by non-disposable wet wipes. I have created a spray that is all natural, kind to the skin and you just spray onto toilet tissue, wipe and then flush away.

I am an ordinary joe who is 61, a gardener, and does other little jobs and find my health means that I must devote more time to develop an opportunity that I can do most things sitting down! 

I don't have money to develop my idea and need a good website that people can purchase from and the opportunity to take on a little craft shop (a small cabin in a local craft yard). I am a good public speaker and not backwards about coming forwards!

I can then sell directly, will have a base for people to visit and purchase, and a site that they can buy from and spread the word. 

I am fortunate to live near Chichester in West Sussex an ideal place to spread the word and encourage people to purchase natural products that are reasonably priced.

My creations are available to all no matter how deep or shallow their pockets!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£25 or more

A bottle of Peachy Bum Spray and a warm feeling!

A bottle of Peachy Bum Spray to put in your bag or pocket. Spread the word

£50 or more

Peachy Bum Spray & a pack of herbal tea!

A pack of my wonderful herbal teas (my choice) to delight the taste buds and are also good in your bath!. A bottle of Peachy Bum Spray!

£100 or more

Peachy Bum Spray, Herbal tea, Floral Steam Facial

All these and a nice warm feeling inside!

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