We're creating the first beauty subscription box containing items from 100% vegan ranges. 5% of profit will be donated to wonderful causes.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


We're PEACHIEBOX, and we're really REALLY excited to see you.  

We're raising funds to start the U.K's first monthly (vegan cuddling) beauty subscription box containing gorgeous makeup and skincare from around the world - we know this might sound familiar but we're different. We don't think that animal products make our beauty regimen any more effective and there are HUNDREDS of exciting brands all over the globe who agree with us! We'll only collaborate with brands who never include beeswax, honey, lanolin or carmine - that stuff can stay on the furries where it belongs. We are searching high and low to bring our subscribers exciting and innovative products from far flung corners of the earth (and Hertfordshire) to create a monthly treat for everyone to enjoy, guilt free.  

We know how important having some "me time" is - we have small children and it is VERY much needed! Every month, our subscribers can look forward to 6-8 new products to discover and fall in love with, all beautifully packaged including a contents list telling them exactly what they've got to play with and directions for use. Also, we don't like getting trapped in endless contracts and we know you don't either - we have a range of flexible subscription offers to suit every beauty buff.

Lastly, before we make our dramatic exit, we promise that at least 5% of our profits will go to our chosen charities. We like animals, clean water and schools. We think it's lovely that you're being nice to us, and we'll always pay that forward.