Peace Makers

by Holly Leece in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Peace Makers
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Peace Makers aims to shed light on the often forgotten stories and lives of the Bosnian refugees, twenty years after the war.

by Holly Leece in Bosnia and Herzegovina


The Bosnian War is one of the most horrific events of modern history. What many people don't think about is how recent it was (early 1990's) and the extent of the ethnic cleansing, mass murder, concentration camps and horrendous war crimes that took place. The country has arguably never recovered after this war. A team in their final year of Filmmaking from Manchester School of Art will be following a man who during this war, risked his own life to return over 100 muslim Bosnian families who had fled the conflict as refugees to Slovenia. As part of this documentary we will be revisiting the journey he took, and visiting some of the people he saved, as well as others who have been effected by the war. We will be exploring what their experience of the war was like for them, and how that's affected their lives now.

In order to make this film we have to fund this project ourselves. This is a very personal passion project as the man we are following is the Directors father, so we want to be able to give the people effected so negatively, a fair voice as it needs to be heard. Any donation would be greatly appreciated as we are relying on it to make this happen! Thank you very much.


During the Yugoslavian war, the Directors father, Geoff, took back to Bosnia over 100 families throughout the course of a year and a half.  This was due to the Slovenian governments refusal to give adequate transportation, to the 70,000 muslim refugees they reluctantly housed during the conflict. Although he had no previous experience of Bosnia or the language, he and a group of volunteers from his local church, (The Peace Makers), risked their lives, during the conflict, ensuring that Bosnian families could get home safely. There was no religious barrier - it was a case of humility as he just couldn't allow thousands of innocent stranded people to suffer.

We will be revisiting this journey with Geoff, 20 years on. Starting in Slovenia, travelling through Croatia to Bosnia. We will also be visiting some of the families that he managed to remain in contact with, telling their stories they have never had the chance to share. This documentary will be a comprehensive look not only into the culture of Bosnia, but into the countries rich sense of community and family, accurately showing why so many were so eager to go back to their homeland.

Director - Jameelah Freeston: "This documentary is very personal project to me as I spent every summer in Bosnia from the age of 1-10, learning the language, making friends for life and ultimately igniting my love for the country. Bosnia has always felt like home, despite the pain beneath the surface. For the past two years, myself and my cinematographer Holly, have been working on a documentary which encapsulates all the aspects of Bosnia we believe haven't been shown yet."


Photos of the Van that Geoff used to travel across the border with the refugees.


Money raised for this Crowdfunder will be spent on our 4 other essential crew members, flights, travel and accommodation. All accommodation will be booked via Airb&b, giving back to local economy. We appreciate any support to tell this amazing story. This crowdfunder is completely non profit, any money left over will be donated to Hope VMS (Elaines Dogs) dog sanctuary in Bosnia, helping the lives of stray Bosnian dogs, which we will also be visiting as part of the film.


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