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We did it
On 14th May 2018 we successfully raised £5,440 with 113 supporters in 35 days

Help Pea Pod Veg to create a new market garden to continue supplying fresh, organic + seasonal veg to our local Hastings community!

by Pea Pod Veg in Hastings

New stretch target

Wowee we made our target! We are so thankful for you support!

Before  our crowfunder went live we set a stretch target of £7000.  Why? 

There are so many things are new home farms needs and with additional funds it means we can buy them now instead of adding infrastructure incrementally as our veg box scheme grows. 

All of these things will make our day to day running of the farm so much smoother, meaning we will be able to start paying ourselves a wage earlier than expected.  

The money raised will go towards the following:

  • Materials to make our own heated propagation tables
  • Tools- wheel hoe and attachments, harvesting knives, flame weeder and seeder
  • Gear- proper waterproofs and knee protectors 
  • Seeds- seeds for winter crops 
  • More harvest crates 
  • Materials to build our cold store
  • Equipment for our packing shed- roller table, boxes, heat-sealer and weighing scales.  

The first couple of years setting up a vegetable farm from scratch are the riskiest and so the most stressful.  Thanks so much for supporting us, by doing so you're alleviating some of the pressure and giving us a huge boost so that we can get on doing what we love to do - supplying people with veg grown by our own hands!  

T H A N K   Y O U !


Pea Pod Veg are Abby Nicol and Thad Skews.                                 

Pea Pod Veg delivers locally grown, organic and seasonal vegetables to the Hastings area throughout the year. We are the only independent veg box scheme that delivers to homes in Hastings

We started Pea Pod Veg in 2016 when Abby worked at Pannel Organics, an organic farm a few miles outside of Hastings.  Sadly Pannel Organics was forced to close, ending Hastings' only local, organic vegetable farm and leaving us without a home farm                              

Determined to keep Pea Pod Veg going we have spent the winter looking for somewhere to move to... and in March 2018 we signed an agreement to rent 2.5 acres from Hook and Sons organic farm in Hailsham.                                                 

We have found organic land! But currently it's a field of grass...

We're now in the busy stage of setting up for this year. We are buying polytunnels, machinery and containers for storage as well as, seeds, compost and plants for this growing season, but we need a lot more infrastructure to get us up and running:    


We need to raise £5000 for essential tools and equipment



We need to buy farm equipment so that we can operate efficiently from the get go.  

This includes:

  • An irrigation system: to water seedlings and vegetables in the summer months.  
  • Insect netting; to protect our veg from pests (cabbage whites, carrot fly, flea beetle, rabbit and pigeons!)
  • A flail mower tractor attachment; to cut our green manures and grass land and help control weeds.
  • A cooling element for our cold store: crucial to keep veg fresh during the heat of the summer.
  • Hand tools and wheel hoe
  • Flame weeder
  • Plant trolleys
  • Harvesting crates
  • A precision seeder
  • Scales and packing materials



We need more farms: The UK produces less than 60% of the food we consume* and currently depends on the EU for more than 30% of our food.** On top of that the average age of a UK farmer is around 60 years old.  We need to eat 5 portions of fruit and veg a day yet horticultural farms are usually too small to receive any government or EU support, even for help with start up costs.   The UK lost 33,500 farms between 2005 and 2015 yet we need farmers three times a day. We need more farmers and growers.    

Transparency: The further food travels to get to us the more polluting it is. Long supply chains mean we are disconnected from where and how are food is produced (chemical use, GMOS) and from those who are producing it (poorer working standards, slave labour).    At present the industrial model of farming uses 70% of the resources to produce 30% of the world's food.  In contrast, 70% of the world's food is actually produced by small scale farmers using 30% of the resources***.   Small farms are productive, less wasteful and feed more people.  We need more farmers and growers in the UK to build resilient local food supply chains and supply vegetables to our local communities.  

OUR MANIFESTO:                               

  • We want to supply our local community with fresh, nutritious, healthy vegetables that we've grown.  
  • We  believe organic farming is the best agricultural system that looks after the health of the people, soils, water courses and wildlife.  We are certified through the Soil Association.
  • We want to build a transparent local supply chain - where food is fresher  (more nutritious,) where there are fewer food miles (less pollution) and where there is a greater connection between farm and community.    
  •  We believe in sharing information and keeping customers updated with news from the farm. Each veg box comes with a weekly newsletter.  
  • We want to be an example of productive and efficient organic vegetable growing. Once established we want to share our experience through apprenticeships and create jobs in organic horticulture.
  • We believe everyone has the right to good food.  We seek to make our veg affordable and foster links with organisations to be more accessible.  
  • We believe growers should receive a living wage for their work as food producers.  

To achieve this we believe we need more farmers and growers.  

Help us to become your vegetable farmers! 

CONTACT US:               

email :



“I'm writing to say how much I value my weekly delivery of wonderful organic veg...They are the best quality organic veg I've ever bought and totally fresh. Its a special part of my week looking to see what goodies there are in my box and its actually somewhat transformed my cooking routine for the week as I cook according to what is in the box and get new recipes too.”

“ I really value having access to local organic produce, both for my own health, and for the health of the environment and the local economy."

"The quality of the veg each week is second to none and always delivered with a smile and a chat!"

*     Defra, Agriculture in the UK 2015. London: Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs, 2016.

**   Defra, Food Statistics Pocketbook 2015. 2015, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: London

*** The Landworkers' Alliance


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Heartfelt Thanks!

Thank you so much for supporting our project.

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Pea Pod Badge

Pea Pod Veg's logo designed by Thad Skews on a badge.

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Lino Printed Pea Pod Veg Card

Lino print designed and hand-printed on quality card by Pea Pod Veg's Thad Skews.

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Flower Posie

A posie of seasonal flowers grown at our new site, Pea Pod Market Garden!

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Name a Vegetable Bed!

Sponsor one of our permanent vegetable beds at Pea Pod Market Garden. We will keep you informed of what is growing in your vegetable bed and send you a picture of it's first crop.

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Farm Tour & Seasonal Lunch

Tour of the farm with a picnic lunch prepared with freshly harvested veg from the Pea Pod Market Garden.

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Farm Tour & lunch PLUS

Tour of the farm with a picnic seasonal lunch. Gardener's questions- ask Abby & Thad anything about veg growing. Plus name one of Pea Pod Market Garden's beds.

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Pea Pod Veg Gift Bundle

Including: A Pea Pod Bag, T-shirt, Poster, Lino- printed card, badge & Sponsor/name a bed. A handwritten thank you card from Abby + Thad and heartfelt thanks!

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Be a Farmer for the Day!

Spend a day learning about organic horticulture at Pea Pod Market Garden with Abby and Thad. Have your questions answered. Enjoy a seasonal lunch and go home with a box of fresh veggies.

£500 or more

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Name the polytunnel!

Our large polytunnel needs a name! We will create a plaque to display in the tunnel with it's new name. We will invite you to it's naming ceremony as guest of honour.

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