PC Upgrade/Rebuild

by Unleashed75 in Newquay, England, United Kingdom

PC Upgrade/Rebuild


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Sounds like a silly thing to want help with but I have been looking to upgrade my computer for many years now.I have tried to save up, put s...

by Unleashed75 in Newquay, England, United Kingdom

Sounds like a silly thing to want help with but I have been looking to upgrade my computer for many years now.

I have tried to save up, put some pennies away but like most, life changes the things you want to the things you need and like many, with lack of work we are all finding life a little harder than normal.

For those who wish to know the spec of pc I have now;
Asus M5A78L-M motherboard
Amd fx-6300 cpu
500gb + 1TB 3.5" hard drive storage
16gb ram
"Gtx 760"graphics card
750w power supply
Basic case

So i have a couple problems with the above spec. Firstly it shows as a Gtx 760 GPU and i paid very good money for this graphics card but after a lot of research I have found out it is either a gt440 or 550. Still not fully sure but someone made money that day.
The second problem I have is the MB and PSU. Due to the 4 pin connection between them sparking or something, the plastic connector melted and broke apart. Lucky nothing worse happened really but i have had to solder the wires to the board. I wish i could of reused the PSU to save waste.

So i built this computer 8 years ago roughly and since then I have been getting into 3D animation "Blender" and some rocket league but dou to the GPU I can't make full use of Blender or get smooth gameplay on rocket league.
I was hoping to get into YouTube a lot more with tutorials and gameplays but honestly my computer just isn't good enough.

I have looked into many ways to get help with this all and so many promises were made where if I done this course and did that training then I would get funded but never happened.

I not looking for a high spec computer and I would save money by building it myself (which I've done for myself twice and 2 other friends).

Roughly the parts I am looking at;
b450 or b550 motherboard
16 or 32gb Ram at 3200hz maybe 3600hz
Amd 3600 or better
M.2 250gb-500gb storage for windows
SSD 1tb or larger or extra SSD
PSU size depends on power needs
RTX 2060 graphics card or better. Maybe 2 cheaper GPU's for faster animation rendering
A new case would be nice to fit all this but I don't mind trying to fit everything inside the one I have. Would be a challenge but with some cutting I'm sure there will be a way.

Let's make 'PC Upgrade/Rebuild' happen

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