My Business Dream

by Munch in 

My Business Dream

Too be able to leave my Mandane job iv been at for 14 years and start my own PC building / Repair shop / give workshops too help people

by Munch in

Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

not expecting much , I’m passionate about building , repairing , upgrading  computers  , it always surprises me the amount of people who have no confidance if something goes wrong with there devices and send / pay massive amounts of money too do a job that’s normally in the own ability too fix ..but would love too be able too start my own shop too build PC’s / Repair  / teach young /old people with workshops how too build and repair these devices as time goes on technology is becoming more and more advance and I believe everyone should have the knowledge of how too repair and confidently Build there own systems even if it’s just for a life skill for there future  , I guess what I’m asking for is the funds too help me start saving for the dream and do something I love for a living  even £1 would do , thank you so much for your time , take care of yourself!


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£1 or more

Help a man save for his dream

I don’t have anything too offer , but u have my thanks and il send good karma :) ! I just wonna be happy , better my family and help others in the future hopefully !