Paying international tution fee at a UK university

Paying international tution fee at a UK university

Raise a part of my first year international fee to study at Surrey university in UK.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

In the UK, International students have to pay university fee that is double the amount that local students have to and are given little to no financial support from the government or the university. I'm an Indian student who currently hold an undergraduate offer to study Business Management at Surrey University. 

My interest in business studies has led me to choose it as a GCSE and Alevel subject but I have also taken additional ventures over the years to deepen my knowledge in the subject. I've been selected as the Charity Chairperson of my school for two consecutive years and have taken part in a month long internship in P&G. I truly believe that studying business at a reputable UK university would enable me to secure a good career centred around commerce. The only thing in the way of this dream, however, is the financial aspect of it. 

Thankfully, my parents are able to provide some level of financial support to me but it doesn't cover the full cost of my undergraduate education in UK. I would highly appreciate any amount of contribution that is made towards this dream.