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I am raising money to launch the ultimate solution for employers and employees by making jobs very convenient and less hectic.

by Ali Salman Malik in London, England, United Kingdom

I came up with the idea while looking for work in London. I think it’s the 21st Century and in such cities jobs should not be a problem anymore. I have personally designed a platform where job seekers could register and sign up to get shift alerts. The main benefit of this would be that they get paid the same day. This is the solution for every other place where labour is required and less skill work is required. They don’t need a cv to do it no experience necessary and unemployed people, college students, people in financial crisis and even people with full time jobs wanting extra cash can sign up get their shifts for weekend. Don’t have a job don’t worry PaydayEveryday is here. First Job don’t worry. At busier times employers can post their add and it would alert people around the area. This has the potential to be the leading employment solution. I plan to expand later on. We’d be covering few areas to start with. I need someone to believe in me and I will make sure more than what I am earning the community should be benefited. It is the time to invest in future. The level of risk is very low and the potential to grow. I can see this as a competitor for leading job portal websites. We can earn on every hour worked and hook people up with jobs. Great return on investment. 

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