Please Help Pay Prince's Fees

by heathermcwilford in Scotland

Please Help Pay Prince's Fees
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To raise the money it cost to hold Prince in quarantine because he was given the wrong rabies injection.

by heathermcwilford in Scotland

Please help pay Prince's Fees

It was the night of the Kings in Spain, 5th Jan 2014, when some volunteers at a dog rescue were heading home and came across 4 puppies dumped in a flowerpot by the gate. It was a bitterly cold evening, and the rescue had no space. An appeal went onto Facebook, and Pauline Wright, of Princess Animal Rescue, drove down to Sevilla from Extramadura to take the puppies; without her help they would have died, as there was no other place for them. One of these puppies was Prince.

Pauline lives in Spain with her husband and runs her rescue with no volunteers; she pays for all of the rescued dogs food and asks for £100 adoption fee, which barely covers the costs of vaccinations. I have personally adopted one dog, my Tobi, from Pauline, and am in the process of adopting another. Pauline has a huge vet bill, run up by illnesses etc, and relies on fundraising and goodwill of others, as well as her own resources, to keep the rescue running.

In May 2014 an adopter was found for Prince, Maggie in Scotland. Maggie has adopted several dogs without any issue. Prince was fully vaccinated by Princess Animal Rescue and was transported by a very experienced team, and arrived at his new home on 20th June 2014.

Prince's new family adored him and he quickly settled in...this should have been the beginning of Prince's happy ever after....

AHVLA, Animal Health and Vet Lab Agency, visited Prince at home, and the family were advised that all the paperwork was in order. However, two weeks later, the family received a phone call from AHVLA and were advised there might be a problem with the rabies vaccination, as Prince should have received a booster. AHVLA contacted the family's local authority, Argyll and Bute and then offered the family three choices:

1.   Have Prince put to sleep 

2.   AHVLA will transport Prince to the only quarantine kennels in Scotland, in Aberdeen and then Pauline could arrange for him to be transported back to Spain.

3.   For Prince to be transported to Aberdeen and have the booster, and then remain in quarantine for three weeks.

Maggie and Pauline felt it would be too stressful for Prince to be transported back to Spain, so agreed on option Number 3.

However, in order for Prince to be released back to his family, they were faced with a huge bill of £1650! This included a huge transport bill from the Aberdeen kennels. The family managed to borrow money to pay this fee, but have been asking Pauline from Princess Animal Rescue to pay this money. Pauline is currently running a rescue, with huge vet bills and food bills for all the animals, and has no means to pay this! A Facebook appeal managed to raise £250, but £1400 remains.

Please please donate whatever you can!

Thank you so much for reading Prince's story - Heather :)



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