Pay It Forward Tilston

by Amanda Barr in Tilston, England, United Kingdom

Pay It Forward Tilston


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Help bolster the wellbeing and resilience of key workers in our Tilston village and community with groceries supplies and fresh dinners

by Amanda Barr in Tilston, England, United Kingdom

 The Covid-19 epidemic could affect millions of people in the next few weeks.

These are unprecedented times but together, we are stronger! 

I am asking for people in my community to help me bolster the wellbeing and resilience of those key workers in our village and community and those who are vulnerable to the impact of COVID 19 such as families who have lost their income and are struggling to obtain the basics. Our key workers, Our Doctors , our nurses, our teachers, our health care workers, our police, our fire service, our shop floor and delivery workers, our cleaners all these people are our frontline and our best hope to survive this crisis and they are vulnerable . By setting up 'Pay It Forward Tilston' I am asking local business and food suppliers to join me in providing week round support for these workers and their families.

I hope together we can provide fresh fruit and veg, cooked meals , laundry service, luxury items to nourish their spirit, dog walking etc anything that helps remove the day to day pressures and shows just how much we appreciate their effort and contribution.  

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