Pay Boris' Legal Fees Plus....

by LeaveMeansLeave in Sandwick, Scotland, United Kingdom

Pay Boris' Legal Fees Plus....
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I want to raise at least £1M to pay for the legal fees of Boris. All additional money will be used to pursue Remoan through the courts.

by LeaveMeansLeave in Sandwick, Scotland, United Kingdom

  • Today the courts have allowed a private prosecution to go ahead against Boris Johnson.

This is clearly a frivolous, politically motivared move on the part of those who want to undermine democracy and overturn the 2016 decision by the people of the UK to leave the EU.

I want to raise £1M to pay for the legal fees of Boris Johnson and all additional money to his legal costs will be used to pursue private prosecutions against every remoan liar who has not accepted the democratic will of the people of the UK.

I will further pursue the SNP and its leadership over their refusal to accept the decision of the people of Scotland in the 2014 referendum that was meant to last "a generation."

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