by Harry Nevill in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

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Sitting, on an empty stomach, Staring, into the dying sun, My fullness whispered to me, The sacred word of poetry ...

by Harry Nevill in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

I find myself here, writing, and in search through this medium, looking for love, guidance and generosity. I feel called to spread the words that I have written over the last two years of my existence, an existence that has revealed the beauty of living and the joy in each day. I have three collections of poems ... words that are ready to be free and released into the skies of other minds. I would like to set them free through leaves of paper, and this is what I need help with, practically or spiritually. My heart knows I am here in this life to write, it's the only thing that runs through my mind, a mind that is a endless prose of poetry, and I am brought here to ask in the kindness of others in order to move forward, further down this path, this beautiful way.  

The poetry I wish to share, will be shared through donation, pay as you feel, physically ... eye to eye, in a market or to a passer-by, or online ... this alien medium that bypasses time, and that is why I would like to explore creating and printing something alone. I would also like to create a platform and idea for other writers and poets who would like to share their words in this fashion, free from the necessity of finding publicity. Just writing ... spreading art the way it ought to be, not restricted in breadth by money, free to express one's own creative energy.  

I recently learnt the lesson of life as a verb, so this is one way of me do-ing, and facing the fears that come in being, and if nothing else believing ... surrendering, to the powerful song lines within us all that are screaming!

Any money I receive will go into printing some books of poetry, and all those who help me here, no matter how little,  I will send a copy to when this dream of paper becomes reality a little while later! Leave me an address please my lovely friends. I plan to take other copies with me to sell on the streets, experimenting with PAY AS YOU FEEL. And if this reaches anybody who can help me in other directions, of spoken word or publishing, I am openly waiting with my loving arms.

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