Paving The Way UK

Paving The Way UK

An organisation providing more opportunities for gifted and talented students between the ages of 16-18

We did it!

On 17th Feb 2016 we successfully raised £230 with 12 supporters in 49 days

An opportunity like no other, here at Paving The Way UK we aim to provide excellent opportunities for some of the most gifted and talented students. No longer will your achievements go unrecognised. Being from various universities in the UK, we soon came to realise how hard it can be , to access some of the best jobs,post university. This has been our main source of inspiration. We aim to bridge the gap between the highest achieving students and the more competitive sector such as Legal, finance and engineering. Here at PTWUK we believe in unlocked potential of students aged 16-18 and aim to nurture this to ensure that they leave university with a wide range of opportunities, this is why we are targeting them very early on. We aim to provide some of the UK's top achieving 16-18 year old students with opportunities to -partake in workshops -network -enhance future career prospects -gain work experience with some of the top firms This will ensure that by the time they leave university, they are almost invaluable to employers and can access the best of the best. It is not just an organisation, it is a movement, Paving The Way UK, we are closer than you think. 

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