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A bespoke programme created to aid disaffected and disengaged youths, allowing them to be reintegrated into a stable & positive environment.

by KnowlesHarrison in Bristol

Charity Number: no.1150442

Project aim

A bespoke programme created to aid disaffected and disengaged youths, allowing them to be reintegrated into a stable and positive environment. 

About the project

Through positive one to one mentoring, trained Pause & Engage mentors will work with children who struggle in mainstream education. Whether negatively affected by troubled experiences at home; a lack of role models; low self esteem or poor sense of direction, we aim to help and resolve issues through the power or sport and activity. The project will work closely with vulnerable young people to develop their social and emotional capabilities, including resilience, confidence, positive relationships and problem solving. This creates the foundation for a healthy, secure and safer life style, and a successful transition from adolescence into adulthood.

The programme and individual placements are also match funded by the The Jack Hazeldine Foundation Charity, who aim to promote community participation in healthy recreation and physical activity by facilitating the playing of sport and physical activity and/or recreational activity in Bristol and all surrounding areas.

With the appropriate funding we would be able to provide, inspire and motivate individuals with: 

  • A trustworthy and consistent role model
  • Specifically tailored programmes to suit each individual
  • Positive reinforcement, celebrating triumphs and successes
  • Rewards tailored to the needs and wants of the child
  • Opportunities to meet proffessional athletes through our network of professional sports contacts
  • Structured sessions at a time that suits the school
  • Creating a fun and safe environment

Below is a testimonial about the project from Peter Treasure-Smith from St Nicholas Chantry in Clevedon.

“I would certainly use a Pause & Engage Mentor again” 

"I am able to enforce the work that Dan has been doing at St Nicholas’ Chantry School. The child concerned arrived 18 months ago displaying significantly challenging behaviours, with very low self esteem and prone to angry outbursts. He had been removed from his previous school by his parent following numerous incidents and sanctions. He came to us looking for a fresh start. 

After a short time, it became obvious to us that the child had no positive male role model in his life, we decided to set up a coach/mentor for him. Dan started work - the first few weeks were difficult since the child could be quite demanding and his behaviour varied markedly from one week to the next. We were still seeing a lot of anger from him. Throughout this time Dan remained consistent in his approach, liaised extensively with school staff and backed us up completely should sanctions be applied. However it soon became obvious that the child valued time with Dan and enjoyed the variety of activity, the chance to talk issues through and could see in Dan a good way forward for himself. 

Thanks to Dan’s consistent approach and firm but fair style he gained the child’s trust and over time we have seen major changes in the child’s behaviour to the point where he is now an enthusiastic learner with largely positive behaviour. There are still issues to resolve and Dan is still a significant force for good for the child. 

I have no doubt that Dan’s work, his calming and consistent presence, his positive approach and his understanding of meeting the child’s needs has been of crucial importance in this child’s changed demeanour and approach to school, for which Dan should be congratulated. For the right child and I would certainly want Dan to do more work here if the right situation arose."


We aim to broaden our horizens and expand our services with new children, families and schools. Our only limitation is the lack of funding to do so.

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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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This donation will help reward child's success during their placement!

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Hair cut worth £50 from mobile hair dresser 'Chaz Littleton' in the Bristol area!

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£25 voucher for a children birthday party from Future Stars Coaching!

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A £25 donation can take a disadvantaged child on a day activity!

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A one-on-one personal training session at Pure Results Fitness in their private studio, with their highly qualified staff.

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A £40 donation will go a long way to changing a child's life!

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A organic hamper worth £170 including: Hemp Protein, Acai Berry, Matcha Green Tea, Bee Pollen and more...

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Personal or Business sponsorship of a golf hole at our charity golf day event! Held at Thornbury Golf Centre, Bristol, 30th October.

£1,500 or more

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A private individual mentoring placement in the Bristol area, for a family member, friend or someone who needs support. We can provide a highly trained mentor to support a young person of your choice for 38hours.

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