The Mayor of London election is our one chance to fix the crises that 16 years of Labour and Conservative Mayors have created. I'll do it

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

After 16 years of failed Labour and Conservative Mayors, we now face a clear choice where we must decide the ultimate fate of our home, our city.


Today, we must find the solutions to the problems and disasters created by the political elite:


  • A Housing Crisis where homes for ordinary Londoners are unaffordable to buy or rent
  • Continuous attacks against our NHS doctors and nurses, police officers and fire brigade
  • The attempted destruction of our London taxi trade and private hire industry
  • A lack of innovation and true leadership from City Hall in supporting and promoting London's micro and small businesses
  • Record numbers of homeless people sleeping rough on our streets - doubled to 7.5k since 2010
  • The highest levels of road congestion in the whole of Europe
  • Air pollution killing 10,400 people every year and where annual EU emission rates are exceeded in some parts of London in a matter of just a few days
  • Amongst the most expensive public transport system in the world
  • A lack of innovative foresight into how best to help and support the education of young Londoners 
  • Vanity projects like the Garden Bridge proceeding despite overwhelming opposition from environmental groups and local residents,  starving much needed environmental projects of investment


We must set aside party politics and decide what kind of legacy we want to leave to those we love most and for future generations to come.


We have an opportunity to influence policy and make a real difference to the lives of millions across the capital; to safeguard our future, the future of our city and the future of our children.


As an Independent candidate who will not be influenced by the agenda of any political party, I can do that, but I need your help.


I need to raise between £10-20k to get my name on the ballot box for the London Mayoral Election 2016. I also need volunteers to help me get the signatures of 10 registered voters from each of the 320 London Boroughs, including the City of London. The deadline is the 21st March 2016.


Again, let me me make a real difference. Help and support me, and I promise you, I will do it. I won't let you down.