Paul Sweeney for Glasgow North East

Paul Sweeney for Glasgow North East

Elect Paul Sweeney - a local champion for Glasgow North East

We did it!

On 25th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £750 with 14 supporters in 56 days

Elect Paul Sweeney for Glasgow North East on the 8th June

I have been selected as the Labour Party's 2017 General Election candidate for Glasgow North East.

The opportunity to represent the area of my city where I was born and brought up in the UK Parliament is a tremendous honour. I have seen the positive transformation that a Labour government has brought to our communities, from improvements to housing and education to healthcare. There is still much more to be done though, and if elected as your MP in June, I will be devoted to advancing that cause in Parliament.

The North East of Glasgow has an incredible heritage that has fascinated me since I was a child. Although it has endured many challenges caused by de-industrialisation, I am passionate about continuing to drive forward the regeneration of the area. I haven't just thought about how to do that, I have taken action to actually deliver it, having founded the project to restore Springburn's historic Winter Gardens into a landmark community asset for our city.

Unlike other parties, my focus will not be on squabbling about another divisive referendum above all else, it will be entirely dedicated to the issues we used to care about most in politics - improving the quality of life for the citizens of North East Glasgow by getting on with campaigning for and delivering real, meaningful changes to public policy across the UK that favour the many, not the few.

That means:

Putting an end to both Tory and SNP austerity from the UK and Scottish Governments - ensuring that our vital public services are effectively protected and invested in, while ending their privatisation;

Leading a masterplan to regenerate the derelict land and buildings that blight the environment of our communities by promoting reforms to the tax system and land regulations that will incentivise their productive reuse;

Helping to close the education attainment gap by putting an end to the appalling and degrading cuts to our Welfare State and the benefit sanctions that have destabilised the lives of so many families and vulnerable people, whether they are in work or out of work;

Raising the Minimum Wage to a real Living Wage of £10 per hour and protecting Tax Credits;

Promoting an industrial strategy to grow high value manufacturing that will create productive, highly skilled employment in Glasgow;

It also means bringing public control, price and quality regulation back to our buses, railway system and energy companies - finally putting an end to an era of private profiteering and declining quality at our expense.

If these are the sort of priorities you would rather see being promoted by your Member of Parliament, then I would ask you to consider voting for me to be your MP. Vote for a local champion - vote for Paul Sweeney and Labour in Glasgow North East on June 8th.

Thank you

Twitter: @PaulJSweeney


As a political campaign we have to abide by electoral law. That means:

  • Donations of all sizes are very welcome;
  • If you are kind enough to donate more than £50 to our campaign please contact us at with your name and address as this is a legal requirement;
  • Your name and address will be checked against the electoral register to ensure that you are eligible to donate. Your name but not your address will be made available to the commission on request after the election;
  • We are not allowed to accept donations of more than £50 from anyone not on the UK electoral roll.

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