Paul: A Green PCC for Staffordshire.

Paul: A Green PCC for Staffordshire.

The Green Party have selected prominent countryside campaigner Paul Woodhead as their candidate for Staffordshire PCC election on 5th May.

We did it!

On 15th Apr 2016 we successfully raised £475 with 13 supporters in 56 days

The Green Party have selected prominent countryside campaigner Paul Woodhead as their PCC Candidate for Staffordshire. The Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) election is on the 5th May 2016 and in order to stand, we need to raise £5,000.00 for the deposit.

Paul serves on the Cannock Chase's Safer Neighbourhood Panel which helps shape local policing and community safety as well as shining a light on the local police and holding them to account.

Staffordshire Police has recently been judged as being "Requiring Improvement" by HMIC for Police Effectiveness and in particular judged "Inadequate" regarding how effective the force is at protecting from harm those who are vulnerable, and in supporting victims. Paul has been a victim of crime, and knows that the Police should do more to support victims of crime. 

Paul is a strong advocate of restorative justice which enables the victim of crime to take some control over the justice process and it has a proven impact on reducing reoffending rates.

The recent austerity cuts have taken their toll on Staffordshire Police numbers. They now have proportionately fewer staff than almost every other force in England and Wales. Paul will do everything in his power to resist further budget cuts.

The reducing staff numbers have consequences. Staffordshire has one of the lowest rates solving violent crimes against the person.


There are proposals to bring the Fire Service under the direction of the Police and Crime Commissioner. Paul will resist these proposals.

Drug misuse and addition are at the core of the causes of many crimes and Paul will prioritise tackling those who exploit and intimidate the vulnerable through the manufacture and distribution of drugs. At the same time Paul will work with partners in health and social care to facilitate cannabis users seeking medical treatment in order to ensure that addiction does not become a driver of crime.


The Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) election for Staffordshire takes place on 5th May 2016.

Anyone on the electoral register can vote.

The Green Party did not support the establishment of the role of PCC.

The election is conducted using the supplementary vote system. Voters can mark the ballot paper with their 1st and 2nd preferences. 

The crime graphs are taken from HMIC's police force comparator site

IMPORTANT - Please ensure that you are on the electoral register before you donate.

You can register to vote here:



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