Patch Plays @ The Greenhouse 2021 Scratch Night

by Patch Plays in London, England, United Kingdom


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Support Patch Plays' next Scratch Night of four new short plays about Animal Ethics and the Environment at The Greenhouse Theatre!

by Patch Plays in London, England, United Kingdom

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Patch Plays, founded in London in August 2020 by Anastasia Bunce and Maria Majewska, is a company devoted to exploring the role of theatre in addressing issues surrounding environmental sustainability, animal ethics, and their intricate connection. We are particularly interested in exploring the intersectionality of these issues and humanising them by placing them in diverse narratives. We focus on telling personal and entertaining stories to engage audiences with these themes. Our main goal is to create space for audiences to reflect on their place in our neglected, divided, and complicated world. We aspire to challenge and provoke empathy, but also provide reassurance and inspiration for a better future.

Last September we successfully produced an outdoor Scratch Night that showcased 5 new short plays exploring topics such as food consumption/mass production, natural habitats, disparities in wealth and personal choice. The night received overwhelmingly positive feedback from audiences who responded well to the subject matter, voicing their appreciation of the delicacy, humour and entertaining ways in which the material was presented. One of the plays, 'Meat Cute', has since been developed into a full-length show and is now being rehearsed for performances at two London theatres.

We are overjoyed to be working at The Greenhouse, the UK’s First-Ever Zero-Waste performance space. Through the power of storytelling, they inspire individuals to take action in response to climate change, making everyday decisions to live more sustainably. They help people build individual emotional connections with their immediate natural environment, transforming the climate crisis from something unfathomable into something they can see, feel, and ultimately, affect. 

As sustainable practice is a core part of Patch Plays' mission, The Greenhouse is the perfect host for this project. 

We would love your support in helping make this Scratch Night possible. Our aim is to showcase new writing and allow writers to gain invaluable feedback for the future development of their plays. We are fundraising to help pay and subsidise the travel expenses of everyone - including actors, directors, writers and producers - who are currently volunteering their time.

The event will take place in July at the Greenhouse's London venue in Canary Wharf with a pay-what-you-can policy.

Thank you for all your support!

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