Passion For Compassion Exhibition, Exeter

by Ramiz (Ram) in Exeter, England, United Kingdom

Passion For Compassion Exhibition, Exeter


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Help us raise funds for our charity art exhibition open to the public, designed to help people feel more compassion for others and self.

by Ramiz (Ram) in Exeter, England, United Kingdom

Who we are.

Passion for Compassion is a University of Exeter student-led art project with the goal of increasing compassion within the local community.

The project consists of a series of workshops and art commissions that finally culminate in an interactive art exhibition, open to the public.

This is a non-profit project, with all proceeds being donated to local arts and mental health charity, Magic Carpet. We also work closely with Lightbox society and new performance art space, Maketank.

Passion for Compassion is an art project, led by students who are passionate about increasing helping the local community of Exeter. We believe that by giving more compassion to each other and to ourselves, we can support each other more as a community and combat issues such as mental health problems and loneliness. 

What we will do with the funds raised.

With the funds we raise, we will be able to put on the compassion exhibition, using the funds to commission local artists, hire the venue space, and purchase materials to carry out the design of the exhibition. Tickets will have a suggested donation price of £5, and all proceeds will go to local arts and mental health charity, Magic Carpet.

What the exhibition will be like.

  • Attendees will be given pieces of paper and be encouraged to write messages of affirmation and support to the artists, in response to the art they see.
  • The artists will have made art work on the theme of : 'a personal time in your life when you were frustrated, critical or neglectful of yourself.'
  • In the exhibition we will hang over 100 messages of affirmation and support, generated from our workshops, from string and fairy lights attached to the ceiling. 
  • The finale will be a site of an exchange of compassion between the exhibition attendees and all individuals involved in the workshops.
  • Attendees will be given the instruction:
    • 'Think about a problem you are facing in your life at the moment. Go through the messages. Hang up the messages you have written, and take off messages that speak to you to keep for yourself.'

Our dream.

As a group, we believe in the importance of compassion for the self and for others; the strength of genuine human connection; and the power of art to enable them both. Our project takes into account psychology theory and art therapy to help people in our workshops and exhibitions. Our aim is for as many people as possible from the city of Exeter to attend our exhibition and raise funds for charity. Our hope is that this will only be the beginning of the Passion For Compassion Project in helping our local community. Our dream is for everyone to be fully compassionate to each other and the world.

The exhibition will be on the 24th-25th of May 2019, at Maketank, 3-5 Paris Street, Exeter.

For more information, visit our website at

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