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Pass The Popcorn - popup cinema at unique locations with social impact

We host film clubs at unique locations.. Think outdoor cinema, movie nights in old theatre and warehouses to support independent film makers

We did it!

On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £1,033 with 3 supporters in 122 days


Pledge to purchase one of our T-SHIRTS and you will be entered into a competition where we will host a movie night for you and up to 20 of your friends. Terms and conditions apply.


Our History

Abdul Khan, our founder first pitched the idea of a drive-in cinema to a group of investors in Liverpool in 2009 after graduating from DMU Leicester with a degree in Marketing. He didn't get his investment but parked the idea till March 2013 when he was asked by a small charity to share ideas for fundraising. He suggested a niche film club in London and offered to build an online platform to host and manage these fundraising movie nights. 

This gave birth to 'pass the popcorn' at first a movie club where profits went to charity.

After several successful fundraisers, AK then went on to pitch the platform to other charities, his board of advisors then encouraged him to commercialise his business model and host public events.

What's your top 3 movies of all time? Let us know:

Who we are

All co-founders work in their spare time on building the online platform and the brand, we're all in various professions and we are passionate about the experience of watching a classic flick. 


How we impact

We connect unique venues with event managers that want to host movie nights. This is helping us grow the brand so that we can support independent film makers, so they can also organise their own screening to feature their creativity. Going to the cinema is expensive! So we pledge to make the project sustainable to fund at least one free movie per month free for inner-city kids. 


Our Future 

After we have grown the brand by hosting events all over the world, we will work closely with independent film makers to become more of a distribution channel for their work. We have already built a prototype streaming app that we are testing with public domain movies. Think netflix for independent cinema. 


Our Supporters

Here's a video of a few people who support us:


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