Pasero - A new restaurant for Tottenham

by Genevieve in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Pasero - A new restaurant for Tottenham


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Help me to create a new local café, restaurant and wine bar for Tottenham.

by Genevieve in London, Greater London, United Kingdom


I'm Genevieve, you may know me from the Pasero supperclubs that I have been running at Downhills Park Cafe for the past two years, or perhaps you know me as a local mum.

After a lifetime of working in and around restaurants, I have been dreaming of opening a neighbourhood place ever since we moved to Tottenham in 2014. I started Pasero in 2019 with my husband Tim, as my first step towards realising that dream. Now I’m asking for your support to help me take the next leap and open a new café, restaurant and wine bar in Tottenham.


Pasero will be a bright and airy space, offering casual breakfast and lunch during the day, transforming into an intimate bar and restaurant in the evenings. 

A place to come together to work, to dine, to drink, and to shop.

We are still working on finding the right site (although we do have a couple of places in mind) but we can confirm that our search is focused on this lovely triangle...


All pledges are very much appreciated and it would be amazing if you could also share with anyone who might be interested. Here's hoping you can help me hit my target! Read on for more info on what I've got in mind…

The food

The restaurant will be an evolution of our supperclubs so we'll continue to work with seasonal ingredients and European flavours, with a focus on colourful vegetarian and vegan dishes, alongside select high welfare meat and fish.


We'll be open all day so our offering will change with the time of day.

Mornings: We'll have pastries and great coffee alongside a simple breakfast menu.

Lunchtime: Our counter will be stocked up with quick and delicious lunches to eat in or take away.

Evenings: The space will transform into an intimate restaurant and wine bar. Our menus will be based around small plates so you can just as easily have a nibble with a glass of wine as you can a lavish meal for a celebration.


Kids: We'll have a children's menu too, with considered choices for little ones - whether they are budding foodies or a bit more fussy!

Brunch: Weekend daytimes will be all about brunch! We'll have a bright and colourful menu, with plenty of vegetarian and vegan options, alongside high-quality brunch classics.

The drinks

The drinks focus will be on quality wines and aperitifs. We'll have a good mix of classic and natural wines to choose from as well as a selection of simple cocktails and of course a range of craft beers. We'll also have great coffee and tasty grown-up soft drinks.


The shop

Pasero will also operate as a bottle shop, so you can enjoy our wines at home as well as in the restaurant. There will be lots of other delicious treats in the shop for you to take away too, more on this soon!

The ethos

Pasero will be built around values of sustainability, social responsibility, and a positive working environment.

Provenance is important to me, so, like our supperclubs, our menus will work with the best of what's in season. We will champion wonderful vegetables as well as high-welfare meat, fish and dairy from responsible sources.

We'll aim to reduce our impact on the environment by eradicating unnecessary plastics, minimising food waste and generally considering sustainability in all of our purchasing decisions.



The British hospitality industry is struggling for staff after Brexit, but (take it from me) brilliant and fulfilling careers can be built in restaurants! Not only will we create a positive working environment for our staff, we are also committed to being a Living Wage employer. We will also provide employment opportunities and training for local people to help them build their careers in hospitality.

About me and Pasero

I’ve lived in Tottenham for seven years with my husband Tim and our two daughters. We moved here without really knowing the area very well, but from the off we knew it was home. The sense of community here is fantastic, and I'm so happy to be raising our children in an area that is so diverse, has so many parks and such an independent spirit. 


Although we really love the area, and there are some great pubs locally, we found we were doing a lot of our 'going out' in places like Stokey, Crouch End and Hackney. We wanted to create an 'out' experience in Tottenham. 

Both Tim and I have worked all our lives in hospitality - in fact we met when he was a bartender and I was a waitress in our very early twenties. We quickly worked our way up into management positions and over the years I opened and ran many successful restaurants for other people. I always loved my job (even though the hours could be long), I met many of my favourite people in restaurants, and was lucky to work for some great companies. Since having children both Tim and I moved into head office roles. Although working 9-5 was much easier with young kids, I always missed the buzz of the restaurant.

In 2019, sick of hearing me go on about how much I wished I could open a restaurant, Tim and Neri booked our first event at her lovely café in Downhills Park, and Pasero was born. 

Tim, Neri and our friend Stef (who flew in from Athens!) were in the kitchen and I was front of house. I walked into the kitchen beaming about half an hour into that first event and said: "I must get back to restaurants!", and so here we are!


Two years on and the supperclub has gone from strength to strength, we've served over 500 guests across the 17 events we have run and we have loved every minute. This year Tim has taken a step back from the kitchen to stay home with our kids, although he is very much still involved behind the scenes, not least as my resident mixologist - stirring up our delicious aperitif cocktails.

I'm happy to say that this year I quit that head office job and I'm now back working in a restaurant, which I love. I'm ready now to take the next leap to open my own place, but I need your help to get me there...

The Crowdfunder

We are hoping to open in spring 2022 but we need to get our funds in place before we can get much further down the road.

I'll be investing all the profits from the last two years of supperclubs, as well as some other additional funds to cover the build costs. The money raised from the Crowdfunder will help us secure our premises, establish our team, buy stock and pay the rent whilst we do the build.

Please donate to my Crowdfunder and help me take Pasero the restaurant from a dream to reality! It's all or nothing - I'll only be able to make it happen if I can hit my fundraising target, so please donate and share it with everyone you know locally. Thanks a million in advance, and fingers crossed!

Genevieve X


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£20 or more

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10 coffees

Pledge £20 and we will send you a voucher for 10 coffees when we open.

£30 or more

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Four cocktails

Pledge £30 we will send you a voucher for 4 cocktails when we open. (Exclusions may apply)

£50 or more

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Brunch for two

Pledge £50 and enjoy brunch for two when we open. (Includes 1 brunch dish, 1 coffee and 1 juice per person)

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Wine tasting

Pledge £75 and get two tickets to a special wine tasting event when we are open.

£100 or more

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Dinner for 2

Pledge £100 and we'll treat you to a 3 course dinner for two with wine pairings. (Set menu may apply)

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Thank you package (for four)

Pledge £500 and we will treat you to dinner for four with wine pairings*, four tickets to our opening party, and a special gift bag packed with produce. *(Set menu may apply)

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Thank you very much package! (for two)

Pledge £500 and we'll give you a taste of everything we do! Enjoy brunch for two, dinner for two with wine pairings*, two tickets to our opening party, a special hamper packed with produce and wine. *(Set menu may apply)

£1,000 or more

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Thank you very much package! (for four)

Pledge £1000 and we'll give you a taste of everything we do! Enjoy brunch for four, dinner for four with wine pairings*, four tickets to our opening party, a special hamper packed with produce and wine. *(Set menu may apply)

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