Partridge & Parker

Partridge & Parker

Firstly to set up business making bespoke furniture to help fund the bigger project of opening an animal rescue center in the long term.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Phase 1, I have already purchased some materials that I need to make the bespoke pieces of furniture, however I still need a lot more materials and tools in order to get my project off the ground, this will aslo help to cover the cost of setting up a website, advertising and so forth.

Phase 2, This is where the dream really lies...To purchase some land in order to open an animal rescue centre ( We have one rescue dog, Honey who is on the right, along with our dog we had from a puppy, Bo on the left, there is no where near enough room where we currently live to provide a home to any other animals) It is going to cost a lot of money in vet bills, food, shelter and people to help, so this is why we are aiming one phase at a time.

Phase 3, Finally once the dream is up and running, to use the animal rescue centre as respite/ sanctuary for young people who have been exploited and hopefully make some happy animals and humans in the proccess.