Partner onboarding

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About you

Please provide contact details for the person who will be managing this fund.

Name of fund manager

Email address for fund manager

About your organisation and fund

What is the name of the organisation providing the funding?

When would you like to launch this fund?

How much money do you have to distribute through this fund?


What is the maximum funding any one project could receive?


What is the maximum % of a project's target you are willing to fund?

e.g. 50%

Which funding mechanic would you like to use for your fund?

Information for your fund page

The following information will be used to populate your fund page, for full details view the guidance here.

What is the name of your fund?

See 4 in the guidance.

What is the purpose of your fund?

Please provide a short description of your fund, up to 140 characters with spaces. To see where this is used see 6 in the guidance.

Provide a headline for your fund page

This headline overlays your banner at the top of the page - see 2 in the guidance, so keep it short (up to 140 characters with spaces). Typically this will include the amount of funding available and top level who the fund is aimed at.

Fund page introduction

This is a short paragraph to introduce your fund to users encouraging them to read the eligibility criteria and make an application (if relevant).

This should be no more than 80 words. See 3 in guidance

For example:

[Organisation name] has teamed up with Crowdfunder to support projects benefiting [insert beneficiaries]. If your project is suitable set up your crowdfunding campaign and you'll be prompted to make an application and you could receive a cash boost alongside the funds raised from the crowd.

Please upload your logo

Please ensure this is a (eps, .ai, or hi-res transparent .png) - square image, at least 320x320 pixels, no bigger than 2MB.

See 5 in guidance.

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Please upload a banner image for your fund page

This needs to be a hi-res image, landscape orientation, 1600x900 pixels (for guidance, this is usually a .jpeg and no larger than 2mb). Text is overlayed across the centre of the image so please ensure any people/faces are off centre to avoid these being obscured.

See 1 in guidance.

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About the projects you want to support

Please provide some examples of the different types of projects you are looking to fund

Which of the following organisation types are eligible for funding (if not selected the organisation types will be shown as ineligible)

Do any of the following also need to be true for an organisation to be eligible?

Location specific

Please specify the locations in which the organisations must be located in or work in (please specify)

Specific beneficiary types

Please specify the beneficiary types the organisation must be working with

Specific activities

What activities must the organisation be carrying out?

What activities will you not be able to support?

Please list activities that are closely related to your criteria but fall outside by default we'll include.