FREE SnackPack for You + 20,000 Snacks for Kids

by PARTISAN | Fresh Snacks in Brentford, England, United Kingdom


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We're raising £20k = 20,000 snacks donated to FareShare for kids AND we'll launch our D2C model. PLUS, you get a free PARTISAN SnackPack!

by PARTISAN | Fresh Snacks in Brentford, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target


PARTISAN likes to keeps things simple.  

So, our stretch target is really simple....the more you give, the more healthy snacks we can make and  donate FareShare and The Felix Project.  If we get to £15k raised then we'll donate 15,000 healthy snacks to FareShare, if we get to £20k then we'll donate 20,000.  In fact, for every pound raised, PARTISAN will make and donate one healthy snack. 

As a business we'd use all the additional fund to employ people who may find it difficult to get a job elsewhere.   Partisan welcomes people from all backgrounds - in particular supporting people with convictions or addictions, and those marginalised and long-term unemployed.



I started PARTISAN to make a small dent in the bad ways of big food.  As an independent food business based in Brentford, London, we source from independent merchants, we hire locally, and we supply only to independents.  

Your Help Is Needed...


Our business had been supplying independent coffee shops and delis with our fresh vegan snacks for 5 years.  Not surprisingly, the pandemic hit us hard, so we're fighting back the only way we know how - by helping others...but we need your help...let's pay-it-forward three ways!

Our Pay-It-Forward Idea...

As a business we'd like to raise £10k as this allows us to launch our new D2C model and it allows us to employ 2 new people - we only employ those in need or long-term unemployed, or those with addictions or convictions. 

However, apart from just helping our business, we thought up a way to help everyone, a proper 'pay it forward' idea.  So, for every £25 we raise 3 things will happen:

  • we will donate 25 healthy snacks to FareShare for kids who may be in need. 
  • we'll send to you a PARTISAN SnackPack, which is a delicious selection of 6 of our vegan snacks.  
  • we'll be able to launch a D2C business model to supply directly to the public. 

Please feel free to donate more or less than £25 - for every pound we raise we'll be making and donating a snack to FareShare.  So, if you donate £100 then we'll donate 100 healthy snacks!                                                                       


Why Fresh Snacks...

Fresh food is good food.  

We make our snacks freshly every day and every week.  Fresh Snacks means that they have much more taste, flavour and goodness.  They have short shelf-life of about 3 weeks. This means all the nutrients locked up inside the organic nuts, seeds, dark chocolate, fruits, oats and other ingredients are super bioavailable to you get the goodness and the taste! 


Your SnackPack

Your SnackPack is worth £13.50 and it'll be delivered free and directly to your door or desk.  Inside will be 6 of our super-tasty, healthy snack bars.  All our products are vegan and packed with great ingredients.  Our products are dairy free and gluten free.  


You'll get a SnackPack with 6 bars from a selection of:

  • Pistachio Vegan Brownie
  • Sour Cherry Oat Blast
  • Blood Orange Fruit Blast
  • Fruit Nut Slice
  • Hazelnut Pomegranate Bar
  • Seeded Nut Slice
  • Ginger Brazil Bar
  • Dark Fig Chocolate Slice
  • Macadamia Love Slice

If you go for our £50 or £100 reward then we'll also send free SnackPacks to your friends or family.

A Manifesto


We're on a path, we have a clear direction, we're in a fight....and it's to try to end the control BIG FOOD has over our lives.  That's why we source independently, why we supply only to independents, and it's why we make our snacks fresh.  

Thanks for reading, thanks for supporting.  Please, donate now and join our fight.  Enjoy Fresh Snacks.  JD Furlong, Brentford, March 2021


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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£25 or more

25 x Snacks for Kids | SnackPack for You

Support us with £25 today and we'll send you a delicious PARTISAN SnackPack. We'll also donate 25 healthy snacks to FareShare.

£50 or more

50 x Snacks for Kids | SnackPacks for You+1

Donate £50 today and we'll send you a delicious PARTISAN SnackPack, we'll also send one to a friend of your choice. Plus, we'll donate 50 healthy snacks to FareShare.

£100 or more

100 x Snacks for Kids | SnackPacks for You+5

Donate £100 today and we'll send you a delicious PARTISAN SnackPack, and we'll send another one to 5 friends of your choice. Of course, we'll also donate 100 healthy snacks to FareShare.

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