New Parkour and Circus Space in Edinburgh

We aim to develop a brand new centre for Parkour and Circus in central Edinburgh. And we need your help!

We did it!

On 29th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £8,038 with 139 supporters in 28 days

So this is exciting.

We have agreed to take on a new teaching space for Parkour and the Circus Arts in Edinburgh.

We have found a prime location on West Bowling Green Street - beside Alien Rock 2 (World Famous Climbing Centre)! - and we are in the process of finalising the lease.

This has all come about due to the sudden and regrettable closure of the amazing Full Cirqle  in Portobello leaving many of us homeless. 

But rather than focus on the past, we are looking towards the future. The new space is big and beautiful and entirely empty at present. We have so many plans but, without a little help, we are going to struggle to bring our ideas into the real world. Our moving in costs have been broken down below.

We are offering a huge swath of rewards with any and all donations. We are not asking for charity, instead we would like you to think of all of this as an investment on what could be one of the most amazing new locations in the UK, if not the world.

Photo Credit: Michael Garvey

Moving in

3 Month Deposit 4000
Parkour equipment 1500
Aerial Rigging 400
Giant Curtains 100
Heating Install 1000
Reception 150
Structural Engineer Report 200
Lawyer 1200
Electrical safety 100
Paint 150
Misc Fit out 200
Public Entertainment License 1000
Safety Upgrades for PEL 300
Public Performance License 130

All in this figure comes to just over  £10,000. In an ideal world, we would invest significantly more into this space. We'd love to spend £10,000 on scaffolding and parkour equipment alone! (and a similiar amount on Aerial) We'd love to fit this out as a modern and world leading centre for the teaching of movement and circus skills.

But first thing's first, we just want to be able to afford to move in and begin teaching. 

Photo by Michael Garvey

It needs some improvements. We've no idea what to do about this sign.

90193-048206ae2e6988de8c188b85025524cc.pThe Companies

Access Parkour

Access Parkour is a coaching organisation with a range of classes across Edinburgh. Our classes focus on non-competitive, enjoyable physical training based on parkour, for all levels. We teach people of all ages and abilities from 5 year olds playing around on the equipment and learning how to move safely to pensioners in their 70s trying to get Back in the Game, staying fit and healthy while playing golf. We are leading the way in shaping parkour coaching into an accessible, natural, movement focused discipline that teaches the joy of physicality and the importance of healthy progression.

Circus Alba

Bringing together nearly 40 years of performance, production and tuition experience, the directors of Circus Alba - Phyllis Martin, Suzy Enoch and Rob Thorburn - have a vision of a company that produces high quality and engaging work, teaches and mentors those at every stage of their circus journey, and collaborates on all levels with other companies at home and internationally.

With a range of classes from Circus Tots all the way through to their professional development group The Albanauts, Circus Alba is an extremely versatile company, offering training, performance and event management for everyone.

Freedom of Flight90193-ce52e5ae96e444f069fed2dacbe668bb.j

Freedom of Flight Aerial established in March 2015 offer classes teaching aerial skills based in Edinburgh.

We offer weekly classes in Trapeze, Aerial Hoop, Silks and Aerial Yoga and run specialised workshops, private sessions and parties for all occasions. Aerial is a fun way to increase strength and improve flexibility. Classes are suitable for all ages and abilities, there is something for everyone to achieve.

View the High-Res Panorama shot Here


Q - What happened to the old space?

Full Cirqle, regrettably, had to shut down after the landlords sold off the entire estate for redevelopment. We've learnt from that experience, and we're being a little more careful with the lease we sign and we're confident the Landlords are in it for the long haul. We should be clear though, this is an entirely new venture led by Access Parkour. 

Q - When will you open?

If all goes to plan, we aim to open mid-September with a Family Fun Day and Grand Opening Cabaret event. But the opening date is still not confirmed as there are too many things still up in the air for now.

Q - Who is in charge?

Room to Move is being taken on by Access Parkour and will then be managed by them with the intent to create a space for Circus and Parkour. The main partners will be Circus Alba and Freedom of Flight although other teachers will likely also be teaching from the space.

The intent is to have a full time Administrator running the space employed by Access Parkour and for the space to be staffed by employees of the 3 main companies.

Q - Who took those awesome pictures?

The main banner image is from Ryan Anderson. The photos of the space are from Michael Garvey.

Q - Can you do a Backflip?

Yes. If you are super nice, Hedge might do one for you. 

David gets to work cleaning up.

Hedge tests out the floor.

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