Paranormal Perceptions

We want to discover the paranormal history of Manchester and follow people's stories as to why they are interested in all things spooky

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


We want to discover the history of the paranormal in and around Manchester, England. We aim to explore the stories of people who already love all things ghostly by listening to what they say and following where their words take us. We want to film several 'haunted' locations including The Albert Hall as well as record tarot readings, medium readings and historic talks. We also will produce two audio recordings that delve into peoples stories as to why they are interested in the paranormal, to engage the senses. 


We are 4 students: Fran, Autumn, Ellie and Klaudia, from Manchester who are all interested in the topic and hope to deliver an interesting piece of work for you to enjoy. Autumn got the idea for the project after attending a parapsychology society meeting where she met a tarot reader.


We want to investigate the paranormal culture and prove that Manchester isn't just about good night life and a great music scene.

We are asking for a small contribution to put towards travel costs. One member must travel from Crewe, every time we meet so the money will go towards this, bus travel and food and drink whilst filming. We are lucky enough to have access to free equipment and the cast will all be volunteers who have ,so generously, donated their time to the project.

Risks and challenges

Being in Manchester, the weather is always a risk. Our locations are inside, so this shouldn't be a problem.
Another issue we may face, is lack of input from interviewers.