Paranoia - a short film to be shot in Bristol

Paranoia - a short film to be shot in Bristol

A short film about a couple of everyday blokes down the pub in Bristol. Except one of them took acid beforehand...

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


The Director of Fit-Boy, a Pompey Film ( has moved to Bristol and will be shooting a short film there this year.  It's called Paranoia and is about a couple of everyday run-of-the-mill blokes down the pub one night after work, except one of them has taken a tab of acid beforehand.

Featuring local actors, Paranoia will be of a similar no-budget mindset with crew/actors donating their time towards the film but, with your help, there will be better equipment on-set this time.  This will make the shots, and the film in general, look more professional and help it qualify for various film festivals.

We're just after £500 to cover the hire of some proper dolly equipment & lighting for a few days & travel costs (+ crowdfunder costs).  If the targets met, superb!  But don't let that stop you contributing, all additional money will still be pumped into the film, whether it's on additional CGI for those acid hallucination effects, put towards the cinema hire or to get a crane to make those exterior shots more cinematic.

Did we mention cinema hire? Yep, as well as applying to have Paranoia seen at as many film festivals as possible we'll also be hiring a cinema to screen Paranoia, either in Bristol, Bath or Portsmouth.

If anyone wants to donate their time rather than money towards Paranoia (although both are more than welcome!) then just contact us via the facebook page saying how you'd like to assist.  We have the bare minimum crew but anyone wanting the experience of being on a film set is more than welcome.

Check out the various rewards on offer, they include cinema tickets to the screening, being a front-line extra to get your mug on-screen and being an executive producer.

If you've got this far: thanks for reading and we'd be really grateful for your contribution.  No donation is too small! (Well, £0.01 is a bit of a joke, dig a bit deeper....)