Paradiso Authentic Italian

by Mattia Paradiso in Manchester, England, United Kingdom


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To expand my reach and range by moving in to a professional kitchen space

by Mattia Paradiso in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Employ someone to help create even more tiramisu. 

Develop marketing materials and merchandising options for shops that stock my products.

Advertising and business support to grow quicker and become more efficient. 

Develop sustainability and social impact initiatives to work in a way that is better for us all. 

Ciao guys!

I'm Mattia Paradiso and this is how Paradiso Authentic Italian started and where wants to go.

When me and my brother were young we couldn't wait each week for sunday lunch, beacuse that's when my grandma would make the tiramisú. So before I left my hometown I needed to learn how to cook to live on my own.  My passion for cooking started in this moment and last year I came up with the idea of making a homemade Tiramisú to takeaway, so I got my food hygiene rating, but the right time to start never arrived. Mostly because I was caught up in other jobs in order to pay my rent and bills.

When lockdown started all my jobs were beeing cancelled and I wasn't in a good place, like many of us were. But then I thought, now I actually have the time to share my idea. I got my food hygiene rating and started using my home kitchen as my base of operations; starting with my neighbors before I knew it I was spending most days enjoying making something I love that connected me to my family in italy at a time that I couldn't be with them.  Fast-foward four months and business is going better than I ever imagined, so for the sanity of me and my flatmate I'm looking to the community I have built to invest in this special project and take it to the next level. 

By investing in this crowdfunder, you will be enabling me to move the operation site out of my home kitchen into a professional space to work from. This new space will have everything I need to create the best Italian deserts at a scale which means I can start supplying your favourite independent food shops across the city. With more space, comes the opportunity to develop even more new Tiramisu - imagine combining Italian tradition and the best of seasonal British produce, and that's just the start. I am launching a new product squad membership to help me develop exciting new flavours and trialing the idea of a Tiramisu subscription; meaning you will always have your favourite desert in your fridge (if you have the will power not to eat it straight away) 

My long term vision is that Paradiso Authentic Italian will offer the full Italian experience. We will be connecting Britain and Italy not just with desserts in Manchester, but also package adventures to Italy, to immerse in the real Italian culture with my family, including cooking and language classes and yoga retreats. 

So come and be part of the journey with me as we create something unique that is even the envy of my friends in my home region of Italy.


Thanks to Evelyn Figari for the video editing!

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