Parachuting for Malawi & for Royal British Legion

by Gareth Powell in Ayr, Scotland, United Kingdom

Parachuting for Malawi & for Royal British Legion
We did it
On 22nd June 2019 we successfully raised £230 with 6 supporters in 28 days

Raise funds for the ongoing and vital work of Kavuzi Clinic in rural Northern Malawi and for the wonderful work of the Royal British Legion

by Gareth Powell in Ayr, Scotland, United Kingdom

On 8th June I am doing a static line parachute jump to raise money for the following causes:

Kavuzi Clinic has been operating for nearly 13 years serving a rural population of around 13500 in Malawi. Most in this area survive through what they can grow, or what they can sell. Poverty levels are high & diseases such as malaria are rife, especially in the rainy season. The nearest hospital is 18km away.

The NHS is often criticised for its various failings, but in truth we have no idea how fortunate we are. 

Funds are always needed & can go a long way in Malawi.

With the 75th anniversary of the D Day landings so close, I would also like to honour the memory of those incredibly brave men who laid the way for the main seabourne assaults on June 6th 1944. In the darkness of the early hours of that morning, men jumped from heights as low as 800 feet into enemy territory, or were flown in by gliders, to secure roads, bridges & enemy artillery positions before the main Allied invasion. 

I, we, owe so much to all those who fought to win our freedom in WW2 & indeed to all those who lay their lives on the line to keep us safe even today. The Royal British Legion does wonderful work on our behalf to look after our Armed Forces veterans & their families.

Half the funds raised from this parachute jump will go to Kavuzi clinic in malawi and the other half to the Royal British Legion.

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