Pap: a futuristic dystopia for our times

Pap: a futuristic dystopia for our times

A tale of corporate domination and refugee crises

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On 21st Dec 2015 we successfully raised £700 with 20 supporters in 42 days

Pap is the futuristic dystopia of the moment, spanning the treatment of refugees to corporate domination of information and more. 

I have made an agreement with Arena Books (see below), a bespoke publisher based in East Anglia, to publish Pap. However, their business model involves initial cost-sharing between the authors and the publishing house, so I am appealing to you kind people to help me raise at least £3000 to bring this book to shelves around the world.


Short Synopsis

Millions flee as their land dies beneath them. Drought, pollution, storms, and sometimes the end of PapSec’s long arm, all drive people from their homes. People like Aliyá Talavera, her parents and the rest of the citizens of Murcia, made homeless after PapPop built the fifth letter of their logo around the city to create the world’s largest advertisement, and sent in PapSec to clear the 'Anarcho-terrorist' stronghold in its midst.

Meanwhile in Manchester, under the Bio-domes of PapCorp’s home city, PapNews’ Humbolt Hour has little time for all that. The presenter, Vincent Humbolt, spends most of his programme gossiping about the never-ending sex scandals around the corporation’s CEO, and leaves only seconds for a montage of another PapSec victory overseas. Not that Vincent’s celebrity wife, Naomi, even cares about that – she needs shoes for the PAPTA awards and doesn’t have the credit to buy them.


About Arena Books

Arena Books is one of the leading UK publishers of political science and other specialised titles. As a new but established company, not only do they utilise the latest technology in the production of specialist publications as an alternative to mass market runs, but are also able to limit costs in such a way as to produce titles which would be initially unattractive to larger publishing houses.

Arena Books is geared to producing specialised academic and other titles which for different reasons (e.g. quantity turnover or esoteric subject matter) do not tend to attract the larger publishing houses. They are able to satisfy the expectations of such authors on a long-term basis. Furthermore, their titles are now published simultaneously in the UK and US, Ingrams (the world’s largest wholesale distributor of US book product) representing us in the US. (


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