Pants Appeal

Pants Appeal

 We donate new pants, knickers, briefs and sanitary products to Homeless Charities, Shelters and Women's Refuges throughout the UK

We did it!

On 3rd Apr 2016 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 56 days

 We work with Homeless Charities, Shelters and Women's Refuges throughout the UK.

One thing we've noticed is that we all donate furniture, clothing, books, cds and more and there are appeals for coats, socks, hats, gloves, rucksacks..... everything except pants. 

There are many people who happily go commando, I'm not one of them especially at a certain time of the month.

I spent time in hospital when my husband was treated for a brain tumour. I slept on the floor of the ward whilst helping to care as I was a registered nurse then. I only had the the clothes I was wearing and had to wash my undies and dry them on a radiator - they disappeared (cue the jokes for parachutes haha) I was lucky I called someone to buy me new ones but people who are homeless or who live in refuges and shelters arent able to do that.

This crowdfunder is in addition to our appeal for new, unworn undies (the ones we buy that turn out to be the wrong size that we never return, the ones that your Granny still gives you for Christmas and birthdays even though you're 42, the pants from the undies set that the bra fits but the pants dont, or chucking a multi pack in with your big shop) we're appealing for funds to buy pants, knickers, briefs, shreddies, grannies...whatever you call yours and to provide sanitary products.

We have a direct contact to a manufacturer so we can buy in bulk to save.

Dig deep lovely people, fresh new clean underwear shouldnt be a luxury.

Thank you 


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