The Panoptics!

by Allegra Green in United Kingdom

The Panoptics!


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Let's start a whole new race!

by Allegra Green in United Kingdom

I'm mixed race. Sometimes I get called "Bi-racial" if people are fancy (or American). Sometimes I get called "Half Caste" or at time "Half Breed" (if people are half wits or just clueless). You know those 'equal opportunities' forms? They list lots of varieties of mixed heritage possibilities. I have to tick "Mixed other". I'm not an 'other'.  I mean , come on! Surely we can come up with something better then that? Apart from the fact, its a bit of an insult - lets face it. It's also so unimaginative. For pity's sake. So I had a bit of a think and I came up with "PANOPTICS". It means "show the whole at one view". In other words, it's the race that includes a bit of everything. 

You might not think I'm talking to you, if you are Caucasian or black or Indian or already have your own specific category that you fit neatly into. But I am talking to you as well. I'm inviting you to be part of my new race. Come on, you know you want to. We will be the cool kids on the block.

Now the beauty of this is that ANYONE could identify as Panoptic because, I'll let you in on a secret - we are all mixed race! It's true. I know this might upset a few sensibilities, but its 2019 not the Victorian age. So, here's my plan. Lets all get together, all us mixed race lot and whoever else wants to - the more the merrier! Lets claim our own identity. I'm thinking we can start a movement! I'll set up a facebook page. Then, when we have enough of us - we can get a petition together and lobby parliament to give us a proper identity. One that can be listed on forms and any other time they feel the need to check which classification we fall into racially.

Wouldn't it be awesome, if everyone started identifying as Panoptic. I think we should lobby for that to be a possibility as well. We can totally let everyone into our posse. I'm not saying we will take over the world or anything. But we could. 

I'm thinking I'll set up a website with a forum, so we can talk about issues.. And I'm also planning on selling merchandise. Things like T shirts that proclaim "I'm a Panopotic!". People will think you are really cool and interesting if you wander around in one of those. Or even a hoody. Mugs. Car stickers. Coasters. The possibilities are endless. We will have a really awesome logo! What other race has got a logo? None right. And - maybe we can even have  a flag. 

We can roll the movement over to America! I think we could get quite a few people onboard over there, especially if we go for San Francisco, they seem like they would jump on the bandwagon. I might try France as well, it I can work out how to say "I'm a Panoptic" in French. 

I think it would be great to have a logo as well. So what about "The welcoming race - where everyone is welcome". 

And, I'm not making any promises - but I might even try and get us a song. Emile Sande is mixed race. Maybe we could convince her? Failing that, maybe we could get Boney M to reunite. 

Who's with me? 


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"I'm a panoptic!" Mug

A mug to show the world how cool you are - plus you can spread the message when you have your morning coffee/tea in the workplace- Maybe they will become a Panoptic as well!

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"I'm a panoptic!" T shirt

Its going to be the must have Fashion Item of the decade.

Let's make 'The Panoptics!' happen

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