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To provide health workers with equipment to fight the corona pandemic and support Everest tourism porters in the Mahakulung region of Nepal.

by New Futures Nepal in Nepal

Campaign Background

The Mahakulung Rural Municipality (located on the southern slopes of Mt. Everest) of Nepal has three health posts.  Two in the villages of Chheskam and Gudel, and one newly established community hospital in Bung.  The Federal Government of Nepal originally focused its efforts on hospitals around the city areas of the country.  As such, these health posts (which are in a very remote and not easily assessable region) were left woefully unprepared to cope with the corona virus due to a lack of PPE and other safety equipment.


The people of Mahakulung, receiving their first food aid packages during the first corona virus wave.

The global pandemic also led to Nepal having to abandon its ‘Visit Nepal 2020’ campaign and call a halt to all trekking in the Himalayan mountains.  A significant number of individuals in the Mahakulung Manicipality, work as porters in the Everest and surrounding regions.  The loss of Everest tourism, and indeed all trekking tourism in Nepal, therefore caused these porters to lose their livelihoods and main income for the whole year.  With a 4 month lockdown being put in place at the start of the pandemic, these porters experienced severe food crisis and were left unable to support their families.

New Futures Nepal, in conjunction with Everest Mera Foundation (EMF) on the ground in Nepal (a Nepali NGO which operates in the region and have the capacity to source the required aid and transport it to where it is needed., were able to gain authorisation from the Social Welfare Council at the start of the pandemic to provide aid (in the form PPE and food) to the people of Mahakulung Municipality.


Everest Mera Foundation personnel and local authorities coordinating the distribution of valuable PPE.  


Local health-worker wearing PPE supplied by EMF and funded by New Futures Nepal.

With the help of our supporters, EMF were able to provide the following aid to the region:

Mahakulung Community Hospital, Bung
1. Protective Gown -15 pcs
2. Protective Goggle - 15 pcs
3. Protective Face Shield - 15 pcs
4. Shoes Cover - 15 pcs
5. Mask KN95 - 50 pcs
6. 200ml Sanitizer - 80 pcs
7. Infrared Thermometer- 6 pcs

Chheskam Health Post
1. Protective Gown - 6 pcs
2. Protective Goggle - 11 pcs
3. Protective Face Shield - 6 pcs
4. Shoes Cover - 6 pcs
5. Mask KN95 - 16 pcs
6. 200ml Sanitizer - 15 pcs
7. Infrared Thermometer - 3 pcs

Gudel Health Post
1. Protective Gown - 6 pcs
2. Protective Goggle - 10 pcs
3. Protective Face Shield - 6 pcs
4. Shoes Cover - 6 pcs
5. Mask KN95 - 15 pcs
6. 200ml Sanitizer - 15 pcs
7. Infrared Thermometer - 3 pcs

  • EMF were also able to provide food items to 100 Everest tourism porter families from villages of Chheskam, Gudel, and Bung.

Unfortunately, Nepal is now experiencing a second-wave, which looks to far exceed their first wave in severity (over 1000 new cases were reported on 18th August), and have been put back into lockdown.  This means that EMF and New Futures Nepal are still committed to providing on-going aid to the vulnerable people of the Mahakulung region.

Continuing Objectives

The objectives of this on-going collaboration are therefore:

(To continue to)

  • Provide health workers at the Mahakulung health centres with adequate PPE and safety equipment to help in their plight against the corona virus.
  • Provide support to the Everest tourism porters and their families, who face severe food crisis.
  • Raise awareness over covid-19 in public level in the Mahakulung Rural Municipality. 

How Can I Help?

We are conscious that supporters will be aware of their ability to give during these uncertain times.  We have therefore decided to take a crowdfunding approach to generate restricted funds for this campaign.  Allowing donators to give as much as they feel comfortable with when they feel comfortable doing so.

Below is a list of the items (with current cost in Nepal) which EMF are looking to provide the rural people of this region.  You can use this as a guide to what you donate, knowing that your contribution will go towards this much needed food and equipment.

Protective Gowns: £16 each

Protective Goggles: £5 each

Protective Face Shield: £7 each

Protective Gloves: £5.50

Shoe Covers: £5

N95 Masks: £1.50 each

200ml hand sanitizer Bottles: £6

Infrared Thermometer: £40 each

Transportation cost: £445

Food items for tourism porter’s family for 2 weeks: £28 per family

New Futures Nepal and the Everest Mera Foundation sincerely thank you for your continued generosity.


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