Pancho's pedalos

Pancho's pedalos

Pancho is desperate for a swan pedalo! His wife has said 'No'..unless he crowdfunds the whole thing!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Pancho is desperate for a swan pedalo! His wife has said 'No'..unless his very bestest friends pledge £20 each (or any amount they wish to) then he can moor one to the end of the garden. 

The pedalo will be free to use by all those who have pledged and will be offered for leisure trips through the Marple Canal network.

The Backstory....(cause we feel it needs one) 

Pancho and his wife bought a house on the canal. From Day one, he wanted to buy a swan pedalo and offer Free rides to visitors on Marple Canal's network. "Think of the fun we will have!" said Pancho. "No" said his wife.

Weeks passed and he persisted, and gathered friends to support his cause.

"Think of the community spirit!" said Pancho, "No" said his wife

Months passed, and still Pancho kept asking, and more friends joined the cause

"Think if all our friend's and supporters clubbed together, could we get one" said Pancho, "Maybe" said his wife.


And so it happened. Pancho's wife agreed that if he were to crowdfund the Swan Pedalo he could get one for the end of the garden and could spend his free time 'swanning' around with his friends down the canal enjoying hits such as "swan way or another", watching "The Swan Show" on iplayer and swigging "swan-la Artois" from a can.  For the sake of his wife...Please do not pledge generously.