Pancake Stall for All

by danieltissingh in London

We did it
On 27th October 2015 we successfully raised £913 with 45 supporters in 14 days

A nonprofit, portable pancake stall that gathers and rewards positive hopes in exchange for crepes - the sweet taste of community.

by danieltissingh in London

New stretch target

If we go past the targer?!


I would love to not buy the cheapest cooker and get some extra supplies to run the stall on - gas, flour, fry pans, etc... Once these are covered, I would use the extra money to pay back the time put into building the stand and for making pancakes for the opening party!



Dear friends and anonymous backers (whom I now also consider as friends!),

Firstly, honestly, loudly: thank you! I have been inundated with support from the moment this crazy idea kicked off, and it warms me to the core!

The fundraising ended yesterday with a mighty sum of £913 being raised in total (this does not include a few other contributions that have come in separate to this sight)! That is £213 over the original target set. 45 people have backed it, and a total of 21 people will have secured their names onto the stall - this is what I had been hoping for: a contained, mass involvement. 

Aside from the vast financial contributions, many friends have shared the project, and the words of encouragement and support received have been both calming and up lifting. I'm having fun already and it's only the beginning. 


If there is any concern regarding the extra cash that has been raised - please don't be. My initial calcutlations were on the conservetive side, and the extra monies will simply cover the aditional costs of paints, gas refills, etc... Please rest assured that what has been raised will definitely go into the construction and delivery of the stall. Over the past two days I have been speaking to both my local timber suppliers and a welder. These conversations, coupled with copious amounts of googling, have seen me change design plans twice already. It's actually quite complicated! I'm learning lots and trying to treat both myself and the task patiently. Today I will be collecting a trailer upon which I plan to build the stall itself.

I will do my best to keep you updated on the progress of things, as I am aware that your rewards won't come into effect until the stall is up and running! You will need to be patient with me, and simply look forward to the first badge of flippin, golden, frying goodness!

Thank you again!

ps. Over the weekend, I decided (with some help) on a name to go on the stall...   

DANCAKES - because I give a crepe




Pancake Stall for All


To raise £700 for the building of a portable pancake stall - a contraption capable of frying pancakes that can be transported by bicycle. This will mostly take place around the Peckham and Depftord high streets, in London. This stand will:

  1. provide financial support for my musical endeavours 

  2. develop my carpentry skills

  3. allow access to the community around me in a way that both supports the less fortune and humbles the more fortunate



What's Different?

Pancakes will be sold for a reasonably small fee, but an alternative currency will also be accepted... A note can be filled out and dropped into the stall's letter box - this must be a dream or wish of something positive for someone other than themselves. The stand will act as a collection point for positive intentions from people of all walks of life from around the local area. 



I believe I can build this cart with £700. That would include a food hygene course, cooker, wood, gas, sound system, etc... What you get for your money:

  • £3 - an invitation to and a free pancake at the stall's opening night
  • £10 - your name displayed decoratively on the stall and a free pancake
  • £20 and beyond - hugs and cuddles, name on the stall, and free pancakes for you and yours during the first month of its running time 



Please feel free to share this video and link to anyone who you think might be interested, and please do watch this space! When things are up and running I would also love to have others volunteer to help or take over when I am unable to run things myself - I would so very much love for this to be a communal effort. 




If this model works, I see it as an opportunity for teaching and growth. I would love to use my experience as a teacher in a mentoring capacity - using these building blocks to help others start up a similar design to support their own living. I think of the many skilled individuals who either lack the impetus, the language skills, or the vision to complete something similar of their own. 



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£3 or more

£3 Reward

A thank you for believing in my project! Also, an invitation to and a free pancake at the stall's opening night!

£10 or more

£10 Reward

A thank you for believing in my project! And, your name will be displayed decoratively onto the stall to show your generous contribution towards it. You can also have a free pancake.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

A massive thank you for believing in my project! You will also have your name displayed decoratively onto the stall to show your generous contribution to getting things running, gratuitous amounts of hugs and cuddles, and free pancakes for you and yours anytime you stop by during its opening month!

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