Pamper photoshoot for anxiety suffers

Pamper photoshoot for anxiety suffers

To help people with anxiety and confidence issues by making them feel amazing about themselves

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The reason I am crowd funding is to raise fund so i can expand my studio. I have a rented unit and the majority of my original funds when on the deposit and rent to secure my studio and didn't leave me a lot left to finish it off. 

My aim now is to set up a hair and makeup section in my studio which will allow me to take on two members of staff but moreImportantly it will allow me to offer pamper shoots.

Our pamper shoots are aimed at people who suffer with anxiety and confidence issues. By bringing then in to the studio and pampering them along with a photo shoot gives that person a boost of feeling good about then self. The image above is I be a young girl who suffers with anxiety and was so nervous and teary when she got to the studio. We sat down  had sweet treats and drinks we chatted to her and got to no who she was and by the time she finished her session with us which are 3 hours long she was a completely different person. She came out of the studio with her head held high and decided. 

Seeing this gave me the kick to try and get funds together where I can offer these shoots and make people feel good about themselves again. I have suffered with anxiety myself and confidence and my photography is what has brought me out of my shall and I want to offer this to other people to.

We will be a small team of three mums working together  to lend and ear and pamper as we go