Sensory Beauty In Support Of Alzheimer's

A beauty event & the launch of 5 new wellbeing products to help raise awareness of Alzheimer's & raise money for Admiral Nurses in Norfolk

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I'm asking for your help so I can present a unique interactive beauty event AND fully develop five natural wellbeing products, to help increase awareness of Alzheimer's and raise ongoing funds for Admiral Nurses in Norfolk.

I'm focusing on Norfolk as it's where my family and I cared for my dad for 14 of the 16 years he had Alzheimer's.  Also, Norfolk has only very recently received enough funding to employ six Admiral Nurses. I want to help these specialist dementia care nurses stay. 

Every Admiral Nurse has experience of working in mental health, is trained in dementia care (60-80% of all dementia cases are Alzheimer's), and has ongoing competency training. Admiral Nurses offer specialist  care in the community, care homes, hospices, hospitals and one-to-one support, practical help and guidance to families affected by Alzheimer's.  Although there's often a need for medication, rather than medicate problems away, they work hard to improve well-being in more creative ways such as Cognitive Stimulation Therapy and meditation. 

Admiral Nurses also help avoid unnecessary admissions into hospital, visits to the GP and can delay admissions into a care home. Over a recent ten-month period, Admiral Nurses saved health and social care services  £440,000.  In the UK over 40,000 people under 65 have dementia and the condition is the leading cause of death in women. Women are also more likely to take on unpaid caring roles for others with Alzheimer's -  and are more than twice as likely as men, to be the ones providing 24 hour care.

There are many people worldwide, facing Alzheimer's head-on and developing support strategies and mechanisms to live better with the condition.  Talking about Alzheimer's honestly and supporting it with an interactive beauty event and natural well-being products, will encourage more conversation, lessen fear and in turn, help us all find ways to better manage this brutal illness. Although there isn't a cure yet, finding better ways to support those living with Alzheimer's IS something we can all help with.

I'd like to use your money to help make two things happen.

Firstly, I'd like to put on an interactive, sensory beauty event to help raise awareness of Alzheimer's through celebrating the things that make us each unique. The evening will be ticketed with 100% of all money raised going towards supporting Admiral Nurses.

Secondly, I'd like to fully develop five well-being products.  These will be launched at the beauty event and will go on to raise money for Admiral Nurses AND  keep the conversation open.

The Sensory Beauty event would be held at North Bar in Fye Bridge Street, Norwich on September 20th 2017. Several unique models (including some of my shop customers), would present each seated audience member with various textures, aromas and temperatures to explore and play with at their tables.  As the show will be interactive, the guests will experience how, by listening to what their bodies need, they can increase confidence levels and prevent physical niggles from snowballing into something worse. 

The five new skin, body and mood products will reflect, and aim to ease, some of the emotional difficulties carers can experience, including high anxiety, lack of sleep and feelings of isolation - emotions that can also be shared by people with Alzheimer's.  After the five products are introduced and launched at the beauty event in September, 15% of the sales from every one of the products sold in my shop and online will carry on supporting this cause. 

I’m Kathy and I own a shop called Palm & Sole in Bridewell Alley, Norwich Lanes, Norfolk.  Here I create, develop and hand-blend Sensory Beauty products for skin, body & mood. So as well as nourishing skin from the outside, products aim to support the skin from the inside. I’m wary of big brand statements, so the way I run my business is “low on claims, high on experience”.








I also work as a clinical and complementary aromatherapist, which I’ve been doing for 14 years. I’ve had clinics in many different settings including The Big C, Norfolk & Norwich Hospital, Neal’s Yard Remedies and the Beauty Hall in Jarrolds department store. This has meant that my experience of people and various skin, body and emotional conditions is extensive.

One thing I feel passionately about is that companies should be encouraging us to celebrate the things that make us different, instead of encouraging us to all be the same. So, I started a Sensory SkinCare and beauty business to offer people options, info and products that can be adapted, and aim to inspire us to love and make the most of who we are.

To make an impact, I feel it's vital this Sensory Beauty event is BIG. But to do that, I need to secure the necessary funding.  

Everything 'Palm & Sole' is funded by the shop, so profits are invested straight back into the business to pay for ingredients, product development, free information cards, beauty recipes, marketing, talks, workshops, shop improvements (and my first Palm & Sole team member). So I am looking for your help to make the Sensory Beauty event happen.

Beauty is notoriously connected to clean, aspirational, out-of-reach lifestyles.  Alzheimer's certainly isn't 'sexy' but if the industry is ever going to really be about the customer, it needs to start finding ways to inspire and help real people. That's where the event and the new products come in. 


The Five Products:
It costs around £700-£900 to bring a brand new product to market.

This includes:

Safety Assessments
Product Design
Label Design
Promo Showcards
Bulk Ordering
Information Guides

The Beauty Event: 
All the people involved in making this event happen are small, local, independent businesses.  Many have said they can give part of their services for free but I will still need money to cover the following costs:

Promotional material
Products used & sampled in the show
Welcome drinks
Printed Eco bags including free "make your own" recipe cards

Printed info sheets on Admiral Nurses, Alzheimer's. 
Free hand massages - product 
Hair and Make-up for the models

Travel expenses for people giving their time for free
Guest note pads

If this project is successful, you'll be helping to ease some of the fears and preconceptions about living with an illness that is currently the biggest killer in the UK.

You'll be supporting the launch of five Sensory SkinCare products, that will give on-going support to Norfolk's Admiral Nurses AND encourage 'real-fact' awareness of Alzheimer's. 

You'll be able to see a film of the Beauty Event and see guests giving live reviews of the five well-being products on Social Media.

You'll also be helping to support a small, independent British business grow, while doing something useful for the community it loves.


If you are able to pledge towards my idea, in return you'll get a reward, which you'll see listed on the panel to the right.  If there's nothing there that suits you, they'll make a fabulously unique gift for someone else.

Or you can just contribute to the campaign without the rewards, knowing you're helping to improve the lives and increase ongoing awareness of those living with this devastating disease. 

Please remember that Crowdfunding is an all or nothing platform. It means that if I don't reach our target in the time I've set, we get nothing at all. So please, even if you can't donate,  support us by sharing this page on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email with everyone and anyone you know. Or pop in-store for a postcard to spread the word.

Thank you so very much!

Kathy @ Palm & Sole